Monday, March 24, 2008

CCIE Rack Rental

Well... at least some good news in the "world" of Rack Rental... is charging a fairly price than others:

11.5 Hours = USD 25,00 (+3% taxes for international buyers)

5.5 Hours = USD 15,00 (+3% taxes for international buyers)

Those prices will be applied if you buy just a single 5.5 hours session, or 10 sessions, or 30 sessions (they do have a special for 50x 11.5 hours session).

While others give you advantage if you get a LOT sessions at once, they´re giving this opportunity of a low price to guys like me who needs to buy all sessions one by one.

Well now I think I can start my rental, I´m planning to do as much as in as I can, and when it comes to Switching (which Dynamips cannot help you that much) and more advanced topics, I can get a Rack to perform it in real equipments, great!

Here follows CCOnlinelabs Website:

Oh yeah! Before anybody start asking, I have nothing to do with CCOnlinelabs, I do not work or speak for them, and if they want, they can change the prices at anytime. I just thought that could be usefull to someone else like me starting the CCIE Studies and wanting to have a good deal in Rack Rentals.

You can check their policy at website.

If I found others doing that I´ll publish here for sure!

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Anonymous said...

$25 gets you 24 hours at