Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Simply Amazing! Those guys do not mess around when it comes to study material!

After the “Official” announcement from Cisco regarding the new blueprint for the CCIE R&S v4.0 (how nice, now they´re using versions) every vendor out there are making their moves, but I can´t believe that IPExpert will have their technology focused labs released THIS WEEK! Yeah! That´s right!

Also, their Audio on Demand will also be reworked and will cover both written and lab exam topics, and a huge bonus (Ask the Expert) which you must see for yourself at their blog, please follow this link to check in detail what I´m talking about (there are many other surprises in it): New Routing and Switching 4.0 – Simply Awesome

I will definitly need to go for the CCIE R&S v4.0, no time to finish all my studies and go for a try before the changes take effect, so I feel a bit better… I´ll have everything needed for a good preparation!

IE will also release their material really soon according to their CCIE Blog also, somewhere between May-June, you can check their blog post here: New CCIE R&S: Reload

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Uh-oh! The rumours were right! CCIE R&S Exam Changes (Written and Lab) - Official!

It seens Wayne (IPExpert president and owner) were right… Changes are “really” coming to the CCIE R&S Certification, either written and lab exams!

Just received an email from Cisco, with news regarding LAB (and Written) Exam changes!

Also, there´s a note on Cisco´s Website (CCIE R&S Section), which you can check below:


NEW: Cisco Revising CCIE R&S Certification

New lab requires hands-on troubleshooting; both exams cover MPLS and VPN

Cisco has revised the certification requirements for CCIE R&S and published the new v4.0 standards on the Cisco Learning Network. Exams based on the new requirements are scheduled for release on October 18, 2009 and will immediately replace the current exams. The Cisco 360 Learning Program will also be updated to support the new requirements.


Changes are good, changes are nice, I really like the troubleshooting idea, candidates MUST know how to approach an issue, how to solve it, how to document the solution, and others. This troubleshooting section can be a problem, because, you´ll troubleshoot a network you´re not familiar with, deal with problems created by high-skilled engineers, but, I really liked this new troubleshooting section, it´s a waaaay better idea than the open-ended questions!

Now… MPLS and VPN´s… it was about the time to come to the CCIE R&S Lab exam… I don´t deal as much as I like with both technologies in my daily activities, but now, will need to master those topics as well…

It seens my plan will change a bit for now… oh my… :S