Saturday, June 27, 2009

How about a CCIE R&S Bootcamp in Sao Paulo, Brazil ?!

A good friend of mine just finished a CCIE Voice Bootcamp here in Sao Paulo, Brazil… This Bootcamp was conducted by the guys from CCBootcamp

Well… I know CCIE Voice is not the most “famous” track… not even in a near future, I don´t see Voice beating up the CCIE R&S and that´s a fact… Just check how many R&S guys are getting their digits and how many Voice guys…

Oh yeah! I´m not saying that CCIE R&S is better or worse than CCIE Voice, not at all! I´m just saying that Voice is not so “famous” as the R&S track! ;)

Anyway… His class was full of engineers from all around Latin America, and the class was conducted in english… Everyone was happy and the price was fair!

Travelling costs are also cheaper for a travel to Brazil (if you´re in Latin America) than to go all the way to US (hotels are too expensive over there).

So my question is: WHY NOT A “DECENT” CCIE R&S BOOTCAMP in Sao Paulo, Brazil ?!

You can ask me… Why do I say “decent” ?! I say that because we do have some offerings down here that DO NOT ATTRACT me at all… I don´t know a single guy who attended one of those local bootcamps and passed the CCIE R&S Lab Exam in less than two attempts!

Anyone around here would be interested in a CCIE R&S Bootcamp here in Sao Paulo, Brazil ?! Maybe if we have a good number of students one of the vendors would be interested in come down…

I just know one thing… If it was possible to have a full class for the CCIE Voice, it´s possible to have a full class for CCIE R&S! That´s for sure!

Leave me your comments and thoughts!

Anyone ?! :)


Neil Apolzan said...


We actually take on equal student inquiries/demand for Voice/R&S. Basically we have earned a reputation for being the clear leader in Voice (around a 100 more success stories than our closest competitor - CCbootcamp). Additionally - it is commonly believed that the Voice cert is the most difficult to obtain and it's been around for only a fraction of the time, so that would help to explain the large gap in numbers.

IPexpert would be very happy to conduct our renowned 5 Day Instructor Led Boot Camp in Brazil. If we can gather a minimum of 10-16 serious CCIE candidates, we can offer a very affordable end-to-end training package which includes our full portfolio of self-study products, lots of hands on vRack time and an intense instructor-led class.

If you are interested in putting this together or there are any questions, please reach out to me:

Neil Apolzan
Mobile: +1 810 305-4848

GFC - as real as it gets said...

Man... i am looking for a bootcamp here in brazil, i do not want to travel cause its TOO expensive.

Do you think we'll have a bootcamp here in a near future?

cheers and congrats for the blog.

Nicolas said...

I have flown a couple of times to Sao Paulo so I do agree that is not that expensive… On the other hand I am unable to personally cover the expenses of a bootcamp… From what I can tell the bootcamp prices are way too expensive (not saying that they do not worth it) for an average network engineer in LatAm :( ...and companies are not likely to cover it this year.

Anyways, it would be intresting to hear about prices for a bootcamp in Sao Paulo..I’ll keep my eyes open.

Network Analyst CV said...

Hi! Can I get more information on bootcamp?