Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Webinar: Official Update – CCIE R&S

I´ve just attended the live Webinar with Brad Ellis (CCBOOTCAMP), Maurilio Gorito (Cisco) and many others, and some key points were discussed in there:

Open-Ended Questions:

No news here, just a heads-up, they´re looking for straight answers, few words, sometimes only one word to answer the question. Non english speakers (like me) can relax, they´re not looking at specific words or sentences, they´ll check each and every answer and grade it manually;

Troubleshooting Section:

- Troubleshooting section will be in a “virtual” enviroment (like Dynamips) not on real equipment;

- No switches, only routers, so any Layer 2 tickets will be related to WAN issues (Frame-Relay, PPP, etc);

- The number of Routers in the troubleshooting section can range all the way from 20 to 36, 37 routers, but, not all of them will be involved in the same ticket. They need this “high” number of equipments to keep one ticket independent from the other;

- The virtual enviroment will work just as if they are real equipments, all comands available (also show and debug) so don´t freak out, just think it as Cisco Official Dynamips enviroment! ;)

New topics on the V4 Blueprint:

Any topic just added to the V4 Blueprint will be non-core, you can even take a V4 CCIE R&S Exam and don´t have any MPLS tasks, those will be really basic (according to Maurilio).

Also, keep in mind that this event was recorded (sorry, I don´t have the link here, I´ll try to look out for it and post it back) so you can watch and see all the news yourself.

Keep you posted of any other news I have!



Nickelby said...

&rKey=4a695ccb75726703 is where you can get the recorded session! :-). I have linked my post on my blog to your summary too bro! Saves some ppl the time to go through all of it.

Nicolas said...

There you go: https://ciscosales.webex.com/ciscosales/lsr.php?AT=pb&SP=EC&rID=40520377&rKey=4a695ccb75726703