Monday, April 7, 2008

Usefull "Free" Tools and Utilities

Some cool, free and usefull stuff  that I use to support networks in the real world:


I´ve never thought that I would replace my old PumpKin TFTP Server (does anybody other than me have already used it?!) by any other, but... well... I did!

TFTP32 is a Free TFTP Software that works great with files bigger than 30Mb (which PumpKin and others does NOT).

It also includes some extra features that can fit some odd situations very well!


Best Terminal Emulator program ever! Small, Freeware and Stable! Never had any issues since I started using it!

A good advice is to set the logging to:

- All Session Output;

- Log File Name: &H&Y&M&D&T.txt

By this Putty will save log files of everything I do, this saved me before in past, and I´m pretty sure it´ll do it again some time! You do not need to set all the options as I did, but it´s good to have everything organized, nice and clean!

Here follows what each parameter means:

&H = Hostname, &Y = Year, &M = Month, &D = Day, &T = Time

Putty Connection Manager

Putty connection manager gives  more ability to manage multiple Putty instances.

It´s a little freeware utility that requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 in order to work.

Get Pass, IP Subnet Calculator and other Free Utilities from Boson

With GetPass you can decode any Type 7 Cisco Password. Well... not the MOST usefull thing in the world, but it helps in every other situation!

Also, for those starting in the Amazing Network World (hehehe) you can find a nice utility to calculate SubNet Masks. Also good to verify if your work is correct, or at that times, you know... where you don´t want to think... in any case, those utilities will work fine!

In my opinion CCTools has a better interface than Boson, but, it´s a dead project now, and there are no available links for download. I still having the original files, so if anybody is interested just let me know!

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