Thursday, May 1, 2008

IOS Upgrade

It has been a while now that I don´t blog anything, well! I got some "hard days" at work (who doesn´t right?!) and it made my life a bit difficult, but now things are getting better, and I´ll try to spent more time on the blog!

Well... this week I got two calls at night requesting my assistance to help someone to "Download a new IOS into a Router"... ok, not a big deal, 10 minutes support will not hurt me! The engineer was doing "almost" everything right... except that he forgot to disable the Windows Firewall that was blocking the TFTP, easy...

1. Disable your Firewall, or permit the TFTP to work! TFTP uses TCP Port 69. Make sure your Firewall, either a third-part one AND your Windows Firewall are configured to do so (or both disabled). This is a common mistake!

2. When configuring your NIC do not forget to set the Default-Gateway to be the Router´s interface that you are connected to.

4. Try to do a ping from your computer to the router address and from the router to your computer

4. ALWAYS BACKUP the current IOS loaded in the Router (copy flash: tftp:), so, if anything goes wrong, at least you can do a XModem copy and recover the router.

5. Make sure to use the correct name of the new IOS File (including the file extension).

Well... right now those are the bigger reasons I can think about it... 90% of the time, somebody forget to turn-off the firewall or do not configure the NIC correctly.

If anybody wants to add any other, just let me know!

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