Tuesday, April 7, 2009

IPExpert: “FREE!” CCIE R&S Core Knowledge Preparation Quizzer

I know, I know… I´ve been away for a while now, but my life changed a lot after the world “recession”, too much to do, and no time to make everyone happy!

Anyway, I´m here, still focused in my preparation, I spend most of my free time, either at home or on the road, reading books, making a solid “foundation” to face the beast when the time comes, in my point of view, it´s insane to learn by doing, we need to understand the technology behind the IOS commands in order to be a “real” CCIE! And now, with the introduction of the Open Ended Questions, this makes all the difference!

I just received this month IPExpert Newsletter, there are some exciting news in there, but none is a match for their CCIE R&S Core Knowledge Preparation Quizzer! I just downloaded, installed, and played with it a little bit! Fantastic! :D

And guess what! IT´S FREE! Yeap! That´s right! FREE, $ 0.00, nothing, just download it and play! :)

You can check their Newsletter and find out what´s going on by clicking this link.

Exciting! Now both major vendors do have a product developed to help us with the CCIE R&S Open Ended Questions!

Go check it out yourself! ;)

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Welcome back to the blogging world Caue!