Thursday, February 19, 2009

FREE CCIE R&S Graded Lab Assessment at IPExpert ?! With Voucher codes ?! For real ?! :)

Yep! That´s real! You´re not dreaming! :)

This morning I´ve received the latest IPExpert Newsletter (which, by the way can be accessed by clicking here) with some wonderful news! You must check it out!

But this particular one cautch my attention! They´re offering FREE CCIE R&S Graded Lab Assessment! That includes immediate access to the lab scenario, solution guide and configuration files!

Also, you´ll receive TWO VOUCHER codes to be used at their vRacks (Proctor Labs)! And the best part, at the end of the session you´ll receive a detailed grading report breaking down every section of the lab!

Now you can check your accuracy and while checking out IPExpert´s materials for free!

Check this screen from their site:


That is really a SWEET deal! :)

Christmas is over, but it seens that my “carnival” will be really busy next week! lol! :)

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Anonymous said...

are u preparing for SP or R&S