Thursday, February 5, 2009

IPExpert is launching a new sister company for lower level certifications (CCNA, CCxP, etc)! COOL!

It´s official! IPExpert is launching a sister company, called IPExpert Training, Inc. to offer lower level certifications like CompTia, VMWare, CCENT, CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, CCSP, CCVP and MCSE!

A great opportunity to anyone who wants to join the amazing “Network World”!

I remember my first “Cisco” training, I was so excited when received a call from my boss telling me that, something like: “Hey Caue! Next week you´re going to a CCNA class”! That made my day that time!

And the BEST thing is: Neither IPExpert and IPExpert Training, Inc. will be offering the Cisco 360 Program (also known as NetMasterClass – thank God I didn´t bought from them)! Blended Learning Solutions is 1000 times BETTER (and cheaper) than the Cisco 360 Program!

One other thing: the CCIE team at IPExpert will not be involved in the IPExpert Training, Inc. It´s a completely new company,  different instructors, with a great material and the same philosophy, to help you achieve your dreams, improve your career, your knowledge and your lifestyle!

I know many guys who will get VERY EXCITED with this announcement!

Wish IPExpert Training, Inc. all the best, and hope you can help many engineers to achieve their goals, just like IPExpert is doing for years now!!!!

By the way, those lower-level trainings will NOT be Cisco Authorized! ;)

Check their official announcement clicking here!

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