Monday, January 26, 2009

CCIE Lab: Short Answer Questions – Q&A

We all know that Cisco is introducing a new type of “exam” between the CCIE R&S Written and CCIE Lab Exams… The World Famous “Short Answer Questions”! It consists of a series of four or five questions asked to the candidate BEFORE the CCIE R&S Lab exam!

It started in Beijing, the candidates were interviewed and it was an “oral” exam! That was kind freaking me out!

BUT, this morning CCIE Pursuit solved the mistery! The new “Short Answer Questions” exam will not be oral, but it´ll be Computer Based! Check this part of his post:


Cisco Announces Updates to the CCIE Lab and Written Exam

Effective February 1, 2009, Cisco will introduce a new type of question format to CCIE Routing and Switching lab exams. In addition to the live configuration scenarios, candidates will be asked a series of four or five open-ended questions on the computer screen, drawn from a pool of questions based on the material covered on the lab blueprint. No new topics are being added.

Dear Jehanzeb,

Thank you for contacting Certification Support.

They’re computer-base questions, and will be graded by the CCIE lab proctors.

If you have further questions regarding the CCIE Certification Program, please visit or visit the CCIE Instant Answers at

Kind regards,

Certification Support Center


That is AWESOME! I was worried about the interview… but that doesn´t matter if the questions will be computer based, I will be able to read it, and I read MUCH better than I speak english! :) COOL! So no worries! Let the questions come! :)

You can find many other  Q&A in the Cert Support Center, but those listed below are the ones I consider to be the most important (at least to me) regarding the Short Answer Questions exam:






Well… now it´s time to go back to my books! :)


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