Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Changes in the CCIE R&S Written and Lab Exam formats!

Well... it seens that all the hoaxes out there are finally becoming truth! Cisco is announcing changes in the CCIE R&S Exam formats!

Starting with the written, according to the newsletter we´ll not be able to skip a question and come back to answer it later in the exam! We´ll need to answer each and every question before moving to the next one! Just like  CCNA/CCNP exams!

Now, the biggest change, prior to the LAB Exam we´ll have an "interview" were they´ll ask us 4 or 5 questions! Ok! I must agree that this is a good thing! BUT! In my opinion, there´s pressure enough over the candidate´s shoulder during the exam! This interview will just put more pressure!

In my opinion, this examination should be a 3 steps, like that:

CCIE Written --> CCIE Interview --> LAB Exam

So, passing the CCIE Written Exam would allow you to schedule the Interview, when you pass the interview you would be able to schedule the lab!

Come on! Questions will be in english (it´s really different to actually READ than LISTENING), that will be a difficult to me, or to anyone else who doesn´t have english as primary language!

Second... what happens if I suck in the interview, and ace the lab!? I can be nervous! That will make me a "cheater" ?!

They could charge like $100.00 for the interview, for sure that would relieve some of the pression over me, it´s better to fail just with $100.00 than $1,400.00!

I´m not against it! I just think it can be done in 3 steps!

Anyone agress ?!

Follows Cisco announcement:


Changes to CCIE Lab and Written Exam Question Format and Scoring

Effective February 1, 2009, Cisco will introduce a new type of question format to CCIE Routing and Switching lab exams. In addition to the live configuration scenarios, candidates will be asked a series of four or five open-ended questions, drawn from a pool of questions based on the material covered on the lab blueprint. No new topics are being added. The exams are not been increased in difficulty and the well-prepared candidate should have no trouble answering the questions. The length of the exam will remain eight hours. Candidates will need to achieve a passing score on both the open-ended questions and the lab portion in order to pass the lab and become certified.  Other CCIE tracks will change over the next year, with exact dates announced in advance.

Effective February 17th, 2009, candidates will also see two other changes in CCIE written exams. First, candidates will now be required to answer each question before moving on to the next question; candidates will no longer be allowed to skip a question and come back to it at a later time. Second, there will be an update to the score report. The overall exam score and the exam passing score will now be reported as a scaled score, on a scale from 300-1000. This change will not affect the difficulty of the current set of exams and will assure CCIE written exams will be consistent with Cisco’s other career certification exams.



Anonymous said...

I'm with you. I am curious if you don't answer the questions fully if they will send you home or let you continue on in attempting the lab....

Caue said...

As far as I know, no matter if you have all questions right or wrong you´ll have the right to take the lab, you paid for it, and you can do it!

BUT... that doesn´t mean that you´ll pass even if you get the passing score... I don´t know they´re going to handle that! We´ll really need to wait a while for the first candidates to take their labs to give us some reviews about the experience!

Caue Wailemann

Anonymous said...

You make a very good point about the differences in reading a (foreign) language versus listening and speaking it. I can read quite a bit of French (especially if the vocabulary were limited as it would be in the CCIE exam), but I'm horrible at speaking French. I have the most trouble comprehending spoken French. I imagine that the same is true for most people communicating in something other than their mother tongue. Especially with the stress level during the CCIE lab. :-)

That said, I couldn't find anything in the Cisco notice from today that stated that the questions would be delivered orally. The pilot in China explicitly stated that the interview would be verbal. The stuff I read today points more towards a separate written "exam" being presented prior to lab. But that's pretty much speculation at this point. :-)

Caue said...

Hey CCIEPursuit! How are you buddy?!

Hmmm... you´re right! Due to China "beta" interview I´m assuming that the test will be delivered in "oral" format...

I really do not think they´ll handle me a piece of paper with 4, 5 questions in it and just watch me answer! It´s more likely it´ll be an oral interview, but so far, no one can guarantee that! Anyway... if they give me a paper with questions I would feel better! At least a bit! But that way to achieve the CCIE Certification I will have to pass a Written Exam at VUE, another 5 questions Written Exam prior to start my lab, and my lab exam!

But you touched an excelent point, it´s not stated anywhere that it´ll be an oral interview, I may be guessing too much!

At InternetworkExpert CCIE Blog they have the same feeling about an oral interview!

Anyway... It´s good to avoid dumpers, but, in the other hand, it can be "punishing" guys who doesn´t speak english very well!

Oh yeah! They may come with the TAC excuse, about the CCIE Engineer talking to them to solve situations, but, for that, if needed I can request a translator... I don´t think I will that be available to me at the 12 minutes interview! Lol! :)

Only time (and a few brave engineers) will solve this mistery! :)

Thanks for stopping by buddy! Really love your blog, you do a great work over there! Congratulations!

Caue Wailemann