Friday, October 31, 2008

The "War" Begins again! Internetwork Expert major announcement and IPExpert Answer

Yesterday Internetwork Expert made their major announcement. You can check it out at their website. There are some very cool ideas over there. Here´s the direct link to the video:

Today Mr. Matt Brooks from IPExpert just answered IE´s announcement, and I must agree with him in some points, some of the "new" stuff of Internetwork Expert are out there on market for a while at IPExpert... like the CCIE Blog... Well... IPExpert is announcing it for a while now, and since it´s launch it´s a huge success! Here follows the link to the IPExpert answer, I would check it out if I were you, very nice observations:

Also, our biggest friend Mr. MIKE DOWN (yeah!) made a very nice post about this on his blog! By the way, sorry to hear that buddy! Didn´t knew about your house! :( I told you! Come down to Brazil! This is living! :) lol!

Anyway, Mike´s post (and blog) is a "must check out"! Here´s the link:

And... you know what?! Who wins at the end?! WE, Customers, Candidates! My wish is that IE, IPExpert, and others keeps on "war" making better products with lower prices! Just imagine if there were only 1 training company out there, what would happen?! Poor materials and high prices would be my guess...

So... watch out for the next events of this "Could War", at least, this one will bring only benefits to us all! :)

OH YEAH! Almost forgot about! Brian said something about Blogs that are not "neutral"... Well... I don´t think that there are blogs and/or bloggers actually bought by companies. I used to have IE´s banner over my blog, and now I do have IPExpert one, and NO ONE ever told me what to write about!

Maybe Brian just quick checked those blogs/bloggers he talked about, and had a feeling about it, I´m sure if he dig a little deeper he will change his opinion!

Tell me something... Who are the "EXPERTS" ?! I my opinion the EXPERTS are the vendors, better yet, the instructors who created the training material... Ok... So... They created the material in a way they know it´s good for us to learn! For instance, what´s the purpose of learning BGP before RIP?! Insane I would say! So... Probably those blogs/bloggers  are in the same situation as I am! I really LOVED the Video on Demand from IPExpert (not only for it´s High Quality, but actually for the idea behind it, you, the instructor a few power point slides and HOURS of information, what else you need?!)

So... to conclude... I´ve chosen to start my preparation with IPExpert Video on Demand... And I´ll finish it before doing anything else. Maybe a couple labs. But, that´s not the point... If my preparation right now is the IPExpert Video on Demand, what else could I blog about?! My cats?! Of course I will blog about those videos I´m watching! I do have Internetwork Expert Class on Demand, Workbooks, and what will happen when I start to use their products and blog about it?! Will IPExpert thinks that IE is buying me up for a few posts?! I don´t think so!

Now you ask me, Brian is lying?! Not at all! This is possible, companies CAN pay people to blog about their products... but what happens to those that are really USING it and ENJOYING it?! What is expected for this guy?! This is something to think about.

Anyway... If I can have a blog at Internetwork Expert WERE I can blog about anything (and I mean, any other company)  I want that would be cool! Otherwise, Blogspot and CCIE Blog are more than enough for me, because here, I´m free to talk about anything that I want! I feel just like in my home... FREE! ;)

PS: I know I´m away from the blog, but things are really CRAZY down here, I promisse I´ll take more time to blog things out! Sorry! :S


Anonymous said...

You are totally right. Situations like what's happening between the vendors only end up benefitting people like us. So I don't mind the competition. ;)

Mike said...

Yeah, I will come down there! From the sounds of it, there is a lot of fun to be had! hehe