Monday, October 20, 2008

IPExpert BIG Announcements! (With nice opportunities!)

Hmmm... I´ve stepped away for a couple weeks due to a very critical project to take care off and in my return we do have some big news!

The long awaited CCIE Blog from IPExpert was finally released! So cool man! Not a blogspot, wordpress or something like that! It´s a sacred place for CCIE´s and CCIE Candidates! You can create a blog, add your existing one, read, comment, everything related to the CCIE and technical topics you may want to!

There´s also some GREAT opportunities in this newsletter which you must check it out!

--  IPExpert October Newsletter --

October 20, 2008

IPexpert is a BETTER VALUE than Internetwork Expert... from the IT Industry's Leading Provider of Third-Party Validation

LAUNCHED: Create Your CCIE Blog or Add Your Existing Blog to the Directory for Great Visibility

OCTOBER SPECIALS... Two Weeks Left! Courses, Products and Rack Time

COMING 2009: IPexpert University -- Apply to Join Our Team!

2009 Public Course Schedule Released, Private On-Sites Available

IPexpert's Self-Study Workbooks are a MUST HAVE for CCIE Prep

Are You Located in Europe, Asia or Australia? Read This...

Exhaust Your 2008 Training Budget Before It's Too Late

CCIE Security Blended Learning Solution Now Shipping

Aggressive Discounts for Proctor Labs Rack Sessions -- ONLY 2 Weeks Left!

NEW: CCIE Voice Video on Demand Boot Camp (High-Definition!)

FREE Upgrade: CCIE Voice Audio Lecture on Demand (20 HOURS, iPod-Ready)

IPexpert-Sponsored Study Groups (all CCIE tracks)

Words from Your Peers: Actual CCIEs Tell You What Worked for Them

Developers Needed for CCDE and CCIE Wireless

Free Online vLectures -- Register Now!

Cisco CCIE "360 Degree" Program Announced

CCIE Security: Lab Blueprint Change Announced


Anonymous said...

I think it is interesting they are taking shots at Internetwork Expert still :) With the Cisco 360 program coming out I might direct my attention elsewhere atleast for the time being!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Caue. Thanks for the plug! I see your site on the CCIE>Blog_ directory. I think you will continue to earn positive rankings from your colleagues around the globe.

Caue said...

Hey CCIEJourney! How are you buddy?!

Cisco 360 is out... but I do have some doubts about it, in the past Ive heard something that I thought it was a joke/hoax, but Im not so sure anymore... I really need to wait and see if this is true or not, if so, I will not be happy at all! Lets see what happens!

I just wish Cisco creates a NEW product, and do not join an existing one, which is what I think... and no... this is not IPX, IE or Narbik, its another company (I think!).

Oh yeah... regarding the Internetwork Expert article from IPExpert, its just marketing... People need a parameter to compare companies, and their products, nothing better than a couple blog reviews, and a google search, but it seens IPExpert hired a company to do that for them... in the end, it is just marketing, both have AWESOME products, and one single point: Help us to suceed in our labs! :)

Anyway... IPExpert VoD, in my opinion, ROCKS!

Cant talk about the workbooks, because, I havent started used they as I should. So I stick with the VoD for now!

In the end, the more vendors out there, the better for us! Cheaper prices and high-quality products! ;)

Cheers buddy!

Caue Wailemann

Caue said...

Hi Matt! How are you man?!

Yeah! Just signed up! Was too busy yesterday!

Still working my way through wordpress (its a bit different from blogger) but Im very happy with the results so far!

Thanks for the opportunity! ;) It seens a great idea!

Caue Wailemann