Friday, November 28, 2008

IPExpert R&S Dynamips Support + Everything IE!It seems Santa Claus is coming earlier this year! :)

IPExpert will be lauching Dynamips support to their R&S Track really soon! This is AWESOME news for anyone who doesn´t own a rack just like me! Follows the link for this post on their blog:

IPexpert to Announce Dynamips Support and  "Everything IE” Private Beta Launch

Also, EverythingIE will be launch in the following days! I´ve heard about it a few months back, and I´m really anxious  to check it out! An online community (like Facebook, Orkut and others) just for CCIEs! Really helpful! Check this comment from Wayne about this:


Wayne Lawson II says:

November 27th, 2008 at 1:41 pm

Caue - Thanks for the support - EIE will truly be an amazing resource and community for CCIE candidates. It’s essentially going to be Facebook, Linkedin, MySpace, Twitter, Meet up, Groupstudy, CCIEblog and Certification Talk / IEOC on steroids….Everything you need with a single login (and SPAM-free and heavily moderated so the community stays productive and valuable!) - many free resources, an “Ask the Expert” (online instructors), free labs, product giveaways, resume / job search (many recruiters assisting in placement), study groups (online) supported by the IPexpert team, etc - and we’re hoping that our competitors participate in this initiative so it’s truly a vendor-neutral meaningful community….more details to come soon!


Exciting, don´t you think?! I can´t wait to check it out!!!!!!!!!

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Manish the CCIE chaser.... said...

Hi Caue,

Nice blogg!!

I am also preparing for CCIE and now looking for same minded people.

My Gtalk ID is

I am now planning to publich a few pages on internet which will be like a repository of CCIE candidate's mail ID. So you can connect to some one and directly ask your question. Secondly, it will probably give an exam feel (and a virtual combined study sort of....) also.

Tell me what do you think about it ?

My CCIE blog is

Give me your GTalk ID also......

See you!!


00254 714 558834