Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Recomended CCIE Books from Jared Scrivener

I just saw this post from Jared Scrivener at IPExpert CCIE Blog, he makes a very good point! Most candidates (including myself) get so anxious to solve some labs that we forget to make a solid foundation with some quality reading!

Of course, we all have our strong and weak areas, but his point is, most of our weak areas correlates to the books we haven´t read!

This is a very nice statement! That´s why a CCIE preparation is a 18, 24 months adventure! We must feed our brain with enough information about technologies and them put the theory in pratice on our labs to check  HOW  everything works together!

Want to check his list?! Just follow the link to the post:


I would add some more books, but, probably he will have those included in the next post! Wonderful reading! Enjoy!

PS: I´m actually working on a OSPF post from IPExpert VoD. These OSPF videos are AWESOME! I´m just a bit delayed due to the HEAVY end-year workload I do have right now! :(

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