Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What a "nice" way to do business! Thank GOD I didn´t bought from NMC!

To my surprise, this week while checking Sadikhov Forums (CCIE Other section), I saw many NetMasterClass customers complaining about their "products" being removed from their accounts! EVERYTHING, DOiTv2 Workbook, Video on Demand, Tech Library, everything!

WTH! Does the Cisco 360 Program gives the right to NMC to do that?! I would ask for my products back or a refund! I would NOT accept nothing less than that!

Oh my! Thank God I didn´t bought their Study Package (remember the slogan: This awesome study package will keep you busy enough bla bla bla...)... yeah! Right! It would keep me busy enough to try to have them back to my account!

So, if a company (NMC) sell their products to other company (Cisco), what happen to their customers?! Yeah... good question...

I wish more companies have the same police IPExpert and Internetwork Expert does regarding Investment Protection! That´s the way it should be!

You can check the original Sadikhov Topic by clicking here.


Mike said...

That does have to suck! That is the reason companies like IPexpert and Internetwork Expert did not sell out to the Cisco 360 program. I know with IPexpert, they will do whatever within reason to update you at no cost, at least electronically. With the Blended Learning Solution, all they have to do is load some updates to your account and WHAMO! You can update your HDD! That is convenient! I would definitely raise a stink with the NMC people and if they do not wanna help out, try to go to IPexpert, IE or CCBootcamp and maybe they will work something out with you...Ya never know!

Get ahold of me fool - I haven't talked to you in forever!

Caue said...

Hey buddy! How are you man?!

Yeah! Long time we dont speak! Every november, december is the same, all projects not delivered during the year MUST be finished before dec/31... you know... :)

Yeah man! I would be shame if I worked for NMC right now! Remove the products you BOUGHT ?! Thats not cool, not cool at all!

I agree, others like you said would never do that! Thank GOD I took the right decision man! I would be really MAD if I went with NMC! :S

Anyway... will go to Hooters and have a beer for you tonight! ;) Want some pictures?! Hehehe!

Ill try to log on skype, have to change a few parameters in our network to do that, but I can do it quickly!

Have a nice weekend man!

Caue Wailemann