Wednesday, September 3, 2008

CCIE Command Memorizer - Q&A - Updated Sep/04/2008

Here follows a quick Q&A about CCIE Command Memorizer, hope it helps! Please, feel free to ask any questions about the eBook, I´m using it, and I´m enjoying! Of course, this is just a review, and I may not be able to answer all questions (remember, I´m not the vendor, I´m just a customer of

All comments are welcome, specially if you have a copy of the eBook, so others can enjoy your point of view!

1-) What is the CCIE Command Memorizer?!

It´s a study tool, an eBook, just like any Workbook, with questions and tasks related to the CCIE Topics, where you also get a prompt (after each question/task) to enter the configuration commands.

2-) There´s explanations for each question?!

No. There are for some, but not all! You have the correct answer for each question, but no explanations about it for all tasks.

3-) Is it bad?!

In my opinion?! Not at all. CCIE Command Memorizer is a study tool, that will help you to actually practice with the configuration commands, work on your speed, and check how to configure many tasks. You can use the Cisco Documentation to find the answers, that will improve your navigation skills at the Cisco Documentation.

4-) Can you use abbreviated commands?!

No! Some tasks you can, but not all. Again, in my opinion, that doesn´t matter! If I know the full command I know the abbreviated version also! For me, it doesn´t make any difference. It still the same powerful tool as before!

I know that Mr. David Bombal and his team are adding abbreviated command support to the product, so you should expect news regarding this in a near future!

5-) Is it possible to pass the CCIE Lab using only the CCIE Command Memorizer?!

Well... Hard to say, it´s a good idea to have at least a two vendor approach, and Video-on-Demand classes (so you can watch it, go back, and check again and again, until you understand the topic). It´s a great tool to be combined with other existent CCIE Training Materials, due to its portability, really good questions, and the way you get to use it, just jump in and start configuring! In my opinion?! It´s great!

6-) Do you recommend it?!

Yes I do! I bought it, and I´m very happy,  it´s becoming part of my daily study strategy! Even if I have just a few minutes, I can try to solve some tasks in there, practice with the Cisco Documentation, and everything I would do with a workbook, with the advantage of having the command prompt just after each question.

7-) Any sample questions?!

Well... I´ll add a couple here (if anyone wants to solve, feel free, I´ll add the answers by the end of the week).







----- UPDATED September, 04 2008 -----

As requested, I´ve added some more questions which I consider to be a CCIE Exam Level questions, some I consider easy, some I consider hard, but maybe what is hard to me, is easy for many of you, and vice-versa, we all have our strengths and weakness, and those are different for everyone, well... not that different, right?! :)

Also, I´ve answered some more questions about the product in the end of this post, so don´t forget to check it up!


Switching 1

Switching 4


Security 1

Security 2




Multicast 1


IPv6 1


Frame Relay 4





8-) Is it cost effective?!

Well... that depends on your point of view... I´m at the beginning of my jorney, I´ve much work to do before even think about a CCIE Lab attemp, and all resources are welcome at this stage for me!

The CCIE Command Memorizer is not a Workbook with solutions guide, that will take you by hand telling: hey, do this on the exam and you´re good, no, don´t do that, OSPF works that way, and blablabla... You can find this in many Workbooks out there, which I consider my primary source for the CCIE Studies! And I don´t even think that this is the purpose of the CCIE Command Memorizer! In my opinion, it´s a preparation tool that looks like a combination of a Workbook + Dynamips, where you can just open and start answering configuration tasks, ideal for anyone who lacks time during day, but wish to do something else other than step away for 5min to talk a while, get a smoke, drink coffee, or anything else you could do before one job task and another! But, it must be combined with other CCIE Training Materials out there, and, right now, there´s no other tool that do the same for you! It´s unique.

I´ve learned A LOT from it already, and I do consider the CCIE Command Memorizer very helpful!!!

Right now, my resources are:

- Video on Demand Classes from IPExpert;

- IPExpert Workbooks;

- CCIE Command Memorizer;

- Internetwork Expert Workbooks;

I´m finding the CCIE Command Memorizer very useful, really, at home I usually watch Videos on Demand, and during the day, before work, during breaks, and before leaving I´m using the CCIE Command Memorizer. Also, I´m using it with Cisco Documentation to get used to it! I´m still finding my way through the documents, but I can honestly say, 3 months ago, it was taking me about 20min average to find any answer in the  Cisco Documentation, but now, after using it for EVERY and EACH task that I try to solve, I´m taking between 6 to 8 min, when I get to 2 or 3 min I´ll feel really good about it!

But anyway, to conclude... Everything CCIE Related is expensive, and for USD99.99, you get a very good product in my opinion! Of course, my opinion could be different than yours, if so, I please ask you to express your feelings in a comment, so others can check your point of view (again, I´m just a customer, and not the vendor, so don´t worry if you have anything to say, please, please, please, do it here!). ;)


Anonymous said...

Excellent Caue !
2 more questions :
Is it cost effective (value for money )
What level of difficulty are the questions ? Lets not consider the basic ones (RIP question was basic )some of your examples are also very basic.
Could you provide examples of what you consider exam level questions ?
No offence please , but this review could be useful to many including myself since I thought about buyng this tool many times but I have never done it !

Caue said...

Hello buddy! How are you?! :)

Dont need to be worried, you brought very good points to the table! Im just a customer, not the vendor, and Im trying to do a review so others could read it before taking the decision of buying it or not! And YES, your questions are EXCELLENT and I thank you for that! It will make the review much richier now!

I have answered it in a update to the post. Your questions are answered in the Sep, 04 2008 update, ok?!

Just feel free to ask anything else, if I can, I will answer it right away! Please, ask everything you (or anyone else) want to know about the CCIE Command Memorizer, and I will try to answer. :)

Let me know if I can help you in any way, ok?!

Thanks buddy,
Caue Wailemann

Anonymous said...

Sorry Caue
it was me Giorgio.
Thank you for the update and for the other questions that are NOT easy.

Caue said...

Giorgio! Hey buddy! :)

Yeah... the product is nice! Just keep in mind one more thing. CCIE Command Memorizer is task oriented. Sometimes the first task result will be used in the second one (just like a standart Full Scale Lab Workbook), but normally each question is a new task, so you get used to the technologies and how they work. Think of it like a Vol. 1 workbook, not a full scale lab!

But anyway, I liked it very much! Have you tried to contact mr. David Bombal and check?!

Hope everything is ok with you man! Take care!

Caue Wailemann

Anonymous said...

I contacted David before but in all honesty you have done a better job in describing his product.
Specially the somewhat larger number of examples help to understad it better. I think originality ,in a such large market with so many products, is very important. Thinking laterally is one of the skills that the lab tests. For instance I found IPexpert vol 10 quite original and thought-provoking. I hope the CM will be the same.
Ciao Caue

Caue said...

Lol! Girgio!

I just love your way of think! :)

Thanks for your comment buddy, I hope you find CCIE Command Memorizer as useful as I am! As I said... I´ve short breaks during the day, not long enough to watch videos, or try to solve some labs, and not too short also... so that´s where CCIE Command Memorizer fits in my Study Regimen!

At home also, but, in there, I usually watch a Video until I finish!

Also, I like the questions, some easier, some harder, to everybody taste! :)

Gotta work a while now, too many things to do! I´ll have a 20 ~ 24hs working day now! :S

Thanks man!
Caue Wailemann

Zalaan said...

Hi ,The command momoriser is helping me a lot ,I memorise by just typing "y" letter .I have an idea ,I think if you make a quiz with thousand of questions ,then it will be the fun to practice the CCIE ,like the video game such as drag and drop .multple choice with short description of the technology etc