Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sometimes it´s just too difficult

Man... why it has too be so difficult?! Sometimes I feel like throwing everything away and start a new business: sell coconut water at the beach!

Lol! Just kidding! I just had a "BUSY" week (almost 18hrs a day), but I´ll get back to my routine starting tonight. I´ll arrive home (yep, I´m out  in a business travel), and I have some plans already, watch a couple Videos from IPExpert BLS. In fact, I´m moving slower   than   what I really   wanted, but, at least,  I´m still moving! Better than just leave all my CCIE Materials in top of my desk! :D

The good thing about it is: I´m taking too many notes from all Videos that I watch (like, a 1hour video takes me at least 3 or 4 hours to finish! I keep moving back and forward to get EVERYTHING), and that is helping me a lot! For sure my technical skills are better now than before! I used to have some doubts, but I´m clearing them all during the studies. And you know what?! All of them were really simple! That´s great!

CCIE study is hard, lonely, and time consuming, I must say, BUT I get so happy each time I learn a new trick, technology, or clear that doubt that bothered me for so many years, and that makes all the hard work WORTH IT!

Not that the coconut water is a bad idea, but I´ll stick to my original plan and dedicate myself to achieve my goal: to be better than yesterday (and of course, get my numbers if possible). ;)

Anyone wanna join me?! :) I´ll try to finish my security notes by monday if possible!

If anybody needs a little help, or just talk, let me know! ;)


Nickelby said...

Keep going man! You must NEVER stop one bit. It's hard to keep studying once you stop for a while. I almost fell into that trap so nowadays I keep myself busy with the Certification Guide before I really start studying on the VODs/CoDs this October (after I finish some personal events first ;-)).

Anonymous said...

CCIE study really is lonely. I hear you. Sometimes I feel like I'm making some good progress, actually getting somewhere. Other times I feel like I'm nowhere. I think the point is just try to plug away - a little bit here, a little bit there....... The big thing I try to remember is even if I never take the lab and never get the certification, all my studying is not a waste of time because I'm learning important, valuable skills. And that's encouraging - the time I'm spending is not in vain, no matter the outcome.

Do you try to look at it the same way, or are you thinking - CCIE or bust?


Caue said...

Hey Nickelby! How are you buddy?! So long I don´t hear from you!

You´re absolutely right! If we ever stop we´ll never get back on track!

The biggest challenge is to conciliate Work/Studies/Family! Man! Too difficult! :)

But don´t worry! I´ll not start a new coconut business (at least, not yet!) hahaha! :)

Yeah! And how is the preparation for the wedding dinner?! Everything alright?! I hope so!

Take care buddy, and thanks!

Caue Wailemann

Caue said...

Hi Aaron! How are you?!

I couldn´t agree more with you! Very nice point! I wasn´t thinking like that so far, but you´re right! I´m a better engineer now than last year, last month! The skills the CCIE Studies are providing to me are helping me a lot, and I feel much better when implementing things, and now ahead of time what to expect! That´s really encouraging as you said!

The numbers will be just a result of our efforts! If I´m able to get them, GREAT! Otherwise, I´ll feel just fine with all the knowledge acquired during the studies! :)

Thanks for the great comment buddy!

Caue Wailemann

Anonymous said...

Hey Caue,

I'm at the point in my studies where I understand commands and how to use them, but I'm having trouble with the mental leap where you read a question and know what commands to use. Do you know what I mean?

For example, IPExpert BLS Vol 2, Sec 3, Task 4.2 says "R7 should not see any of the /24 routes, but should still have reachability to all four loopbacks." I drew a blank, even though I know how to use the aggregate-address command with the summary-only option and I know what it does.

I guess it's just part of the study process, hopefully that'll come with experience and time. Do you have any pointers or ideas?

Anyway, I'm off the focus chapters now (volume 1) and am going through volume 2, really just to mix things up. I don't have much lab equipment, so I'm doing a mixture of Dynamips and just writing configs together in notepad (actually, Notepad++, which I highly recommend).


Caue said...

Hello Aaron!

I know what you´re feeling! I´m facing the exact same situation! I guess with more hands-on, we´ll be able to do it more "automatically", but so far Im also struggling the same way you are!

My personal feeling is that I need to understand better what the question is really asking instead of guessing! Everytime I check the answer I say: Thats it?! Thats just what they wanted?! Then I read the question again and find it easy (not all times... lol), but I really need to work more on the interpretation, specially that Im not a native english speaker, that kind makes things a bit more difficult!

Thanks buddy! :)

Have a nice day!

Caue Wailemann