Monday, September 1, 2008

CCIE Command Memorizer - First Impressions

Yesterday and today I was able to play a while with the CCIE Command Memorizer... It´s really a powerful tool to the studies! I´ve checked the RIP Section (not all tasks) and some Frame-Relay also. Do not consider this a full review of the tool, I´ll use it a little more before that, but, here are my first impressions:

Topics are organized by categories, like BGP, QoS, Frame-Relay, under each you´ll find the associated tasks. First you got the questions, and right before that, the prompt to enter the commands. Really useful on the job, on the road, where you have little time to study, and need to do it fast! Everything is ready just waiting for you! Open the eBook, choose a topic, and start configuring it!

As said before, the each task commands are limited to the task commands itself. And you have to enter it right, following the order of the question. After each command, you get the OK or WRONG, so you can go back and fix it (also, if you want, the eBook can give you the correct answer).

And before you ask, there´s no question mark "?" to get help about the commands, you must know what you´re doing! This is  GREAT! You know in what that will help me?! No?! It´ll help me to improve my way at the Cisco Documentation! Many times doing something, I keep typing "?" over and over, until figure it out, but the best thing in the study stage that I´m right now, is to go to the Cisco Documentation and find my path there! That´s really good! I´ll not be tempted to type "?"! Either I know how to solve the task, or I´ll need to navigate through the Documentation and find the answer! Cool!

At the top and the botton of the page you´ll find the RESET button, so you can reset all your work and start over!

The questions are the best of the CCIE Command Memorizer in my opinion, I really liked the way the questions are presented to us, direct and to the point. Some are tricky, but, if you read it carefully you´ll understand exactly what is being asked. A great tool to learn not only  the commands, but how to do it!

Check this RIP task for example:

Configure RIP version 2 md5 authentication with chain named "pass" and password "cisco" using key 1. Put on serial 0/0. Enable authentication on Serial 0/0. Enable rip version 2. Advertise

This is only one out of 16! And by the way, it´s the first RIP task! Anyone want to try to solve it?! I´ll post the answer latter this week!

It covers pretty much ALL topics in the CCIE Lab Blueprint (if not all, really close to it).

The best thing about CCIE Command Memorizer is that´s so easy to use... You just start the eBook and you´re ready to go! Good for anyone who have little breaks to study, and want to enjoy it at all! Of course, the tool by itself will not make you a CCIE, but when used in conjunction with other CCIE Training Materials seens to be a POWERFUL combination!

I´ll get back with some more in-depth review!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Caue !
let me be the devil advocate :
I understand you have to type the command in full ,something that we do not do very often

The config involves only 2 routers so can not be very complex

But the real important thing is the quality of the questions.
Also is there any explanation associated with the answers ?
Do not forget that Cisco has several portable command guides that are good for repeating quickly configs and there are basic explanations with them.
Thanks !

Anonymous said...

key chain pass
key 1
key-string cisco
int s0/0
ip add
ip rip authentication mode md5
ip rip authentication key-chain pass
router rip
ver 2
no auto

altho, since the requirement is to advertise, instead of, you coud leave off 'no auto'. but I think it's good practice to turn off auto summary.

Caue said...

Hello Anonymous #1! How are you?! Fine I hope!

Thanks! It´s always great to have this kind of review! I would call you the devil advocate, you just have a different point of view than me! That´s great! People must know all different opinions before knowing if the product is right for them or not! So I thank you for your input! :)

You can find explanations for a few questions, not all, but you find for a few. If Im not wrong you can check it in Multicast section. probably thats why its called CCIE Command Memorizer.

And (IMHO) we get from very basic questions, to advanced ones. Do not expect the same performance you could have in a Rack Rental, but you can do many, many tasks in there. And the great thing about the product is the portability, easy to use, easy to start, saving time for those (like me) who have some short breaks (10min or less) between one task and another here at my job!

Oh yeah! I almost forgot, about the Full Commands! You are right! You have to type the full command to solve the tasks, but thats not a problem for me... if I know the full command, I can also use the abbreviated one when playing with Dynamips or Rack Rentals. So (for me) this is not a problem.

CCIE Command Memorizer is a study tool, not the solution for the CCIE, but if you use it right (looking for the answer at the DocCD, trying to solve it in a "fair" way) its really powerful!

Portable Command Guides would not force me to do the configurations, I like those, really, but, I preffer the CCIE Command Memorizer approach for doing that! :)

BUT! Thats why I think its so important for everybody to hear different opinions, and I must THANK YOU for your inputs! I also ask if you have any other considerantions, if you please, post a comment here! It´ll be much appreciated! Do not think that I will get mad or something, not at all, I´ll be glad to have your opinion here! :)

Let me know if I can help you in anything!

Thanks buddy, have a nice day!

Caue Wailemann

Caue said...

Hello Anonymous #2! How are you buddy?! :)

You got it absolutely right! :)

I couldnt agree more about the no auto summary! It´s really a good practice to have it off!

Do you have the CCIE Command Memorizer also?! I´ll post a few more questions during the week!

Thanks for your comments man! Let me know if I can do anything to help you!

Take care!

Caue Wailemann

Anonymous said...

Thanks Caue,

No, I don't have the CCIE Memorizer. I'm using the IPExpert BLS stuff right now. It's pretty good.

I'm not close to being ready to take the lab, so I'm not even thinking about when I might possibly take it right now. What I'm doing is pounding the core topics as hard as possible - trying to get a firm grounding to my skills. Gotta walk before I run.

Thanks for your posts, I enjoy reading them.

Aaron (Anonymous #2)

Caue said...

Hello Aaron! How are you buddy?!

Yeah! IPExpert BLS is AWESOME! I´m also enjoying mine! Very good! My wife just don´t understand why I keep smiling in front of the computer watching Scott´s face! :) She must think that I´m crazy, which is possible!!

You have a very good plan! We all must know the core stuff before thinking about a Lab date or something! That´s my work right now also! Maybe we´re on the same topics right now, who knows! But glad to know you´re enjoying the BLS as much as I am!

Have any other plans?! Mine is +/- like this:

- Watch all videos from IPExpert BLS; Work with the CCIE Command Memorizer;

- IPExpert Vol. 1 & 1/2 of Vol. 2;

- Internetwork Expert Vol. 1 (only the topics I feel I need some more information);

- CCIE Command Memorizer again

- IPExpert Vol. 2 - Finish it;

- IPExpert Vol. 3 - ALL.

- Internetwork Expert Vol. 2 - Some labs.

- If I feel ready, try the lab, if not, back to studies!

How about yourself man?!