Saturday, August 30, 2008

Just got the CCIE Command Memorizer, SWEET!

Today, following a friend´s advice, and my feeling also, I got the CCIE Command Memorizer from

I do receive Mr. David Bombal newsletter monthly (you can apply to it at his site - The newsletter is very nice, with tons of tips, good advices and examples. I specially like the "hands-on" examples! Those are little movies of how to achieve or correctly configure a specific task! I would sign-up for that, there are some really good tips and tricks in it! Anyway... back to the subject...

The CCIE Command Memorizer was created by him, during his studies to the CCIE so it must be a good product! The guy knows what he´s talking about in the newsletter, the product must be good too! ;)

I haven´t tried it that much yet (too busy this weekend), but the quick "tour" I took at it was sweet! I tried some tasks from Switching, and also some for OSPF... Man... you know what it looks like?! It´s like a mix of  a Workbook plus Dynamips! Of course, each task commands are limited to the task commands itself, BUT, it´s a WORKBOOK with a prompt to enter the configuration commands right away! No need to wait to get back home, or setup a Dynamips Topology, or even to wait for my Rack Rental time! It´s there, for you! Just type the commands and see if you get it right or not!  So cool!

Another great thing I liked (didn´t knew about that)  the CCIE Command Memorizer license allows for 2 simultaneous copies to be installed under 1 license. That way, I´ll be able to have it at my home computer, and also in my Laptop at work! So, anywhere I go, I´ll have it available! Good police! No more wasted time between one call and another at my job! :)

If the rest of the eBook looks like those few tasks I tried, it´s a MUST HAVE product! I´m so glad I finally took the decision to get it!

I just need to handle some issues, and I´ll be able to start using it! When that happens, I´ll write up a few posts, so you can check it yourself! Oh yeah... I´ll ask permission to add some screenshots to the posts! Let´s see!

Oh yeah, the price (USD 99.99) is not high for what you actually get! A Workbook (just like any other vendor workbook) with command prompt to enter the correct configuration lines right away! For sure it´ll become part of my daily study routine. Maybe a section by day, or 10, 20 configuration tasks, it´ll all depend of my available time! But anyway, another powerful tool to help me with my studies! AWESOME!!!! :)


nwachonky said...

nice tool i must say, and i am enjoying your daily post cos it gives me focus and strength

Anonymous said...

Hi Caue
great idea to review that product.
Now you are a natural enthusiast and you do not find faults easily with any product.
This is one of the few review of that product on the web.Please do your best to find faults, if any, along with good things.
Thank you

Caue said...

Hi ilorah! How are you!?

Thanks for the kind words! How about your studies?! Are you preparing for the CCIE R&S too!?

Do you use the CCIE Command Memorizer!? What do you think about it?! Are you enjoying it?! I am! Very nice!

Let me know if I can help you in anything!

Caue Wailemann

Caue said...

Lol! Hey Giorgio my friend! How are you?!

You just made my sunday! I´m laughing for almost 5 min now about the natural enthusiast! Thank you man! I really needed that one, just had a bad weekend!

I´ll do my best to review it, the good points, and the bad points if I find any! That will help others to take the decision to buy it or not!

So far I haven´t used it as much as I wish, but I must say... it´s really nice... think about your workbook, with a prompt after each task to enter the commands! It´s like that!

I´ll work more on it during the week and create a few posts about it! I´ll also ask David Bombal permission to post some screenshots! Hope he allow me, that would only enricher the review!

Thanks man! And have a great day!