Sunday, August 24, 2008

CCIE Lab Changes! Bye bye UniversCD! Hello Cisco Documentation

Just saw it on the internet! It seens that after Sep 24 2008 no one will be able to use the as documentation reference! As far as the announcement goes it´ll be replaced by Cisco Documentation, but so far, no links were posted!

I think they´ll be using their "new layout", but, until Cisco´s officially announce the new start page for the documentation we can´t be sure about anything!

Just have that in mind if you´ll have your lab soon!


CCIE labs changing from UniversCD to Cisco Documentation

22 AUG 2008: On Sept 24 2008 CCIE labs will no longer support using the UniversCD documentation for the lab exam.

All labs are migrating to Cisco Documentation only. For those scheduled to take the CCIE lab prior to Sept 24 access will still be available for UniversCD.

The Cisco Documentation pages have the same information that currently resides on UniversCD, please refer to the links on the CCIE web pages to view these pages and become familiar with the new format.

After Sept 24 2008 only the Cisco Documentation web pages will be available for CCIE labs.


Here follows the link to this information at Cisco´s Website:

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