Thursday, August 7, 2008

IPExpert + Narbik Bootcamps for $4000.00 ?!

This morning I was checking my emails, and received the latest IPExpert Newsletter, great news inside, but this one particularly called my attention:

Attend IPexpert's CCIE R&S Boot Camp -AND- Narbik's Boot Camp for ONLY $4000 (limited availability)


Here comes another unique opportunity...

  • During the week of August 25, Australia's own Jared Scrivener will be conducting IPExpert's CCIE R&S 5-Day Boot Camp in Sydney.
  • One month later, Narbik Kocharians will deliver his CCIE R&S 5-Day Boot Camp during the week of September 29.

You can attend BOTH of these courses for only $4000 - TOTAL. Now, think of this amazing opportunity...

  1. Spend the first week with Jared in our industry-recognized Boot Camp.
  2. Spend three weeks of continued preparation while also exploring Australia (additional costs, of course).
  3. Spend week 5 with Narbik rounding out your preparation.
  4. Pass your lab exam at Cisco's testing facility in Sydney and return home as a CCIE (hopefully!).

Give yourself six weeks to change your life. Think of the experiences you will have for so little cost.


I just wonder WHY don´t I live in Australia?! :)

Also, IPExpert just released the CCIE R&S Power Pack, that includes IPExpert CCIE R&S Blended Learning Solutions + CCIE R&S Technology Focused Workbook by Narbik Kocharians + A 10-Session of online rack time for use at Proctor Labs.

And much more! You must check this Newsletter!

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