Monday, August 4, 2008

Mike Down - Rack Rental Deal!!!

That´s interesting! Mike Down -- CCIE Training Advisor at  IPExpert -- just "blogged" a nice promotion about rack rentals! You must check it out!!! :)


I will match your purchase of rack sessions at What does that mean? You buy 5 sessions, I give you 5 free. You buy 100, you get 100 free (and probably something else too!)

Another little freebie - If you purchase the bundle of 10 or more, I will provide you with the Proctor Labs eBook for FREE! ($199 value) - The Proctor Labs eBook consists of 5 full mock lab scenarios delivered in a .pdf format. So, you purchase the 10 session bundle, you get 20 sessions + the eBook. That is a STEAL...

There stipulations are this...You MUST CONTACT ME DIRECTLY at and in the subject field write I READ YOUR BLOG - I WANT THE DEAL!

This DOES NOT include past purchases. This is for new purchases only.

Don't forget, this will end Friday, August 8, 2008. To take advantage, please email me at MDOWN@PROCTORLABS.COM --


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What does that mean?! Well, for me it means STOP playing with "NOTEPAD" and "DYNAMIPS" for a while, if you don´t have a rack to play with (like myself), this is really a HUGE deal!

Just a quick thought, if I buy 10 sessions, I get 10 more sessions,  that is USD 1.92 / rack hour + you get the eBook for free, depending on how much sessions you order!! No one has this low price!!! :D

I´m in! Free Sessions (when you buy some) + eBook ?! Just show me where do I have to sign?! lol!

Also, if you check, you´ll find that´s not the only promotion at his blog, but there´s also a few other great deals! For example, you can check this one also:

This is AWESOME! CCIE materials are too expensive, promotions like that are always welcome!!!!

I suggest you to keep checking Mike´s blog for upcoming promotions and deals!!! I do it, daily!


Nickelby said...

Heh both you and I bro :-). I too always check his site daily and also on Twitter! :D

IPexpert Training Advisors said...

Hey, that's me!

Caue said...

Hey buddy! YEAH!

For sure you helped MANY engineers become CCIE already, and your position permits that you help many others!

Thanks for your efforts man! :)

Keep on the good work! :D