Friday, August 8, 2008

CCIE FLYER.COM - Great Resource for CCIE´s!


That´s interesting! For the  last couple months I´ve been receiving the CCIE FLYER from the greatest (if not the only) CCIE AGENT , Mr. Emmanuel "Eman" Conde. He was conducting the CCIE Salary Survey some time ago (you can see this post here in the Blog), and helping many, many companies and CCIEs around the world!

I´ve exchanged a couple emails with him, but due to my calendar I wasn´t able to talk to Eman yet, this is one thing I´ll try to fix ASAP! He seens to be a very nice guy, and I can´t wait to get to know him better!

Check this post from Mike Down:


Hey everyone! So, I have been chatting with the ever famous "CCIE AGENT" Emmanual "Eman" Conde over the past several weeks and he mentioned his CCIE FLYER that he has been putting out. Eman also just released the CCIE Salary Survey which you probably have seen on many other blogs. I surfed on over to to check it out.

Eman has developed a way to keep his clients updated on his activities while still dispensing advice about some of their career and professional concerns. His third issue of the CCIE Flyer is devoted to the economy. The September issue has the perspective of 3 educators from grade school through university level. In this issue he will be reviewing training companies and sharing his findings with his readers. Yes, this does include IPexpert.

Eman stops by IPexpert next week, which he will be meeting up with IPexpert Vice President Matt Brooks and IPexpert Instructors Vik Mahli and Jared Scrivener, along with dozens of aspirin CCIE's who will be attending class at our San Jose, California location.

So, shoot over to CCIEFLYER and check it out! Bookmark it! It is a monthly update with tons of great articles!!!


Fantastic news to the CCIE Community!


Anonymous said...

for every CCIE who wants to get the best job i suggest you to contact Eman, i know the man he is so supportive and for sure the best CCIE agent in the world

Caue said...

For sure he is, and also a great guy!

I´m just able to talk again now so I´ll probably contact him to schedule a phone call! That´s so exciting!

Cheers buddy!

Caue Wailemann