Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wow! Two days out, and now candidates are interviewed before the CCIE Labs?!

That one was fast! I stepped away for a couple days to take care of some personal stuff, and now there´s this msg at Groupstudy regarding interviews before the CCIE Lab in Beijing China!

Is it a "hoax" ?! Is it true?! I don´t know... I know that when Cisco changed their rules for exams in China, Pakistan and India I´ve received an email (and I´m from Brazil). Now this msg... My mailbox is empty (well... not empty, but there are no msgs regarding this)...

In my opinion, if they want to interview a guy, that´s ok, but Cisco should change a bit their strategy, why not interview the guy a few months prior to his Lab, and if he pass the interview, he´s allowed to take the CCIE Lab?! Like a 3 steps for the Certification! That would be nice! Probably the pass rate would increase also, that way, Cisco would better select the engineers who will be allowed to take the test, not forgetting that it is kind difficult to cheat an interview! The guy in front of you asking questions will be a high qualified engineer, and he could change the questions according to his feelings!

But well... who knows... maybe one day, in the mean time, anybody can confirm if this is true?!

Read the full msg from Groupstudy bellow:


Dear Candidate:

On August 27, Cisco will introduce a pilot for the CCIE Routing and Switching lab exam in Beijing, China. The pilot will add a 10-minute interview that will assess the candidate's ability to apply expert-level networking skills and knowledge to networking problems that are encountered on the job. After the lab orientation, a panel of three experts will conduct a verbal interview with each candidate, asking a series of expert-level
networking questions (questions and answers will be in English).

The ability to correctly answer these questions will affect the exam score. After completing the interview, the candidate will have the entire 8 hours to complete the lab portion of the exam.  These scores will then be calculated and then combined for a total score which will decide a pass or a fail.

Our goal with this email is to let you know that your day will extend beyond the normal testing day by approximately one hour.  The additional hour will be at the end of the day. We hope you find this interview process enlightening and helpful as we continue to strive for the standard the world has come to expect from CCIE.



Nickelby said...

Great ... I wonder if that person is a top notch engineer but a little poor in English speaking causing the interviewers to misunderstand him will get a pass or not. Will Cisco ever learn that even though English is an international language, it is not a MUST in certain countries??? I pity those skilled engineers who don't pass because of poor communication in English ...

Caue said...

Hmmm... you´ve touched a very interesting point...

I´ve never thought about it, but makes it sense!

I know in Brazil, we´ve a brazillian Proctor and this lady is the one who applies all the tests (at least, it was she on 7 out of 7 times my friends went there)... So I´ve never worried about that! I would be speaking to she in my native language...

Well... this is one more card at the table now! I don´t know if Cisco will be able to have local engineers at all sites, and even so, there´s always someone from other country attending it!

Very good point buddy! Really glad you shared with us!

Caue Wailemann