Friday, August 8, 2008

Getting ready for my Vacations

Well... My vacations will start next monday! I´ll have some time to do what I want and need to do! Rest a while and Study a LOT!

I´ll be at home for 20 days (sweet!), and during this time I want to finish watching IPExpert Video-on-Demand, and complete at least until IPExpert Workbook Vol. 1 Lab 10. No need to rush, if I can get this done, great, otherwise, I preffer to slow down a little to REALLY understand things than to speed up just to say to everybody: "Yeah, look at me! I can do many labs, tasks, I´m the man!",  that´s just not me! I don´t care if I´m giving baby steps, but at least I´m sticking the information in my head, and this new stuff I´ve learned while studying for CCIE Exam are already helping me out in my work!

That´s why work has been so hard last couple weeks, I´m finishing everything I´ve pending on my desk, so I can enjoy my free days without any interruption!

The beginning of next week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) will be a little complicated to me, so don´t expect to see me online, or too much blog notes, I´ll not have time to that! Have some personal stuff to take care off! In fact, I´ll not be able to touch a computer, but, I´ll be able to read books... TCP/IP Vol. 1 will be my best friend during this time.

At thursday I think I´ll be able to get back "online" and watch some Videos, Blog, and start my study regimen the way I want!Study during day, take wife out at night, enjoy the time with my cats, relax, study a while more, sleep, just the life any CCIE Candidate wants! lol! :D

That´s it guys! Hope everyone is enjoying the studies as much as I am! :)


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