Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Web Hosting?! Is it better?!

Does anybody knows or uses any kind of Web Hosting Service?!  It really worth?! I mean... Blogspot is nice and everything else, but, sometimes I would like to have more "flexibility" to the posts, and I think a Web Hosting would fit that need!

I know Ethan uses some kind of service like that, just cannot say which type  or even, which provider.

Anybody can recommend me a good one?!

I saw the Dream Host Web Service, seens nice, lots of features, and not too expensive. Blue Host is not an option, I had some issues trying to log in, so I´ll not consider it!

Oh yeah... those services works with Windows Live Writer?!

Moving to a Web Hosting means moving away from Blogspot, and start with Wordpress... is it better?! What´s your opinion?!

Or should I stay with Blogspot and that´s it?! I´m a bit confused right now!? Even more with the latest facts that happened this week in the CCIE Training World... Let´s see what will happen (I´m waiting)!

Any help would be appreciated!



EarthMaster said...

I think you should read a bit more about basic web hosting so that you can decide yourself. try this blog:

Caue said...

Hey buddy!

Thanks! What a nice blog you have there!!!

I´m actually a beginner in all this Web Hosting thing! I´ve not a clue on how to manage it, it seens ok if your provider has some scripts that basically do everything for you, but if I ever need to type an html code... well! That will be my end (at least now)! hehehehe!

I´m checking your posts, and just in the first page you solved two of my questions. And also this one:


Very nice! I´ll consider each tip prior to make any decision!

That´s why I love Blogs! Everyone helping each other! It´s so cool! :D

Let me know if I can assist you in anything, it´ll be my pleasure!

Thank you a lot!!!! Have a nice night!

Caue Wailemann

Anonymous said...

Hello Caue,
I use 1and1 webhosting, which is cheap and have not had any issue with installing wordpress. Hope that helps.

EarthMaster said...

Thanks Caue

I wish you find answers for your questions in www.webhostland.blogspot.com

I always try to add new posts that I feel beginners want to know more about, so keep visiting my blog.

if you liked my blog, do me a favour and tell your friends about it.


Caue said...

Thanks EDF! I´ll look at 1and1 right now!!! :D

Caue said...

Hi earthmaster!

Yeah! I liked your blog very much! Told a couple guys already!

I just don´t know why your comments doesn´t get send to my email... Blogspot is kind of crazy I think, but this is the second time it happened and it was with you!

Anyway, sorry for the delay in publishing it! But here it is!

Thanks a LOT for your help!

Caue Wailemann

Anonymous said...


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