Tuesday, August 19, 2008

CCIE Command Memorizer?!

It looks that I´ve a lot of doubts today!

I know Ethan asked already in his blog a while ago... But does anyone have tried the CCIE Command Memorizer ?!

It looks a pretty nice tool to use on the road, at the office, when you have no real equipment or computer power and time to run Dynamips!

It seens pretty cool! I´m thinking in buying it, but not now, maybe in a couple months! Just wonder to see if anyone have tried, and what do you think about it!



ConfigureTerminal.com said...


I am glad you are finding my newsletters useful.

Unicast me about the CCIE Command Memorizer:
david (at) ConfigureTerminal.com

David Bombal

Caue said...

Mr. David Bombal!

It´s a HONOR to know that you actually read my little article! Wow!

Your newsletter are AWESOME! Everything, from the topics, to the explanations, and man... I really love the "hands on" video examples you use!

Congratulations for your work buddy! Hope to read much more from you soon!

I´ll email you soon! In the mean time, if you need anything, my mail is: cauefw@gmail.com , I´m here to help! Always! ;)

Caue Wailemann