Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mike Down departure...

I´m kind of sad today... Mr. Mike Down just left IPExpert! He was a CCIE Training Advisor, and for the last couple months he was  working closely with us "bloggers"!

I still remember the very first messages we exchanged, very nice guy! Full of energy and always with the best intentions!

No matter to were have you left man, consider me a friend, a partner, a brother, a family! You´re the MAN! :D

I just ask you to not disappear! Just let us know about your new email/skype id as soon as you set it!

Oh yeah, if you want to set a statement or something it´ll be a pleasure to have it done here in my small blog!

Also, if you ever need anything, just let me know brother, it´ll be a pleasure!

All the best and lucky on your new jorney! Hope to hear from you soon!


You can check the Original Post on Mike´s Blog by Clicking here


Anonymous said...

It is sad to see Mike Down go. I interacted with him several times and he was always helpful and sincere. He will be greatly missed.

Caue said...

Yeah man! He is very nice!

But, he´ll still around, that´s for sure!

Just wish him all the best, and thanks for your help sir! :)

Cheers buddy!

Anonymous said...

He isnt going to pop up now at InternetworkExpert is he? ;)

Caue said...

Hey buddy!

I really don´t know to where he left, who knows... It´s not impossible to happen, I would be very happy to see him in the CCIE Traing World!

Just wish him all lucky in the world to anywhere he goes!

Best Regads,
Caue Wailemann