Monday, August 18, 2008

CCIE without Experience

A nice topic from Sadikhov Forums, CCIE without experience...

I agree in some parts and not that much in others... I think there are guys, 19, 20 year old who are facing the LAB with a knife in their teeth! If they´re studying, working on Dynamips or real equipment, following a structured approach from any vendor, and things like that, if this kind of guy passes the LAB exam, he will lack some field experience, I agree, but he knows his stuff already!!!! This is the type of guy I would like to work for me, dedication is priceless!

On the other hand, a very experienced engineer, that takes the "easy" way out, this is the kind of guy who needs to be banished from the business! We all here have a friend, who knows a guy, who did this in the easy way and ACED the exam with a  1000/1000! WoW! What a nice score! Yeah... tell me about it! I doubt this type  guy can answer 3 basic questions right! Not saying that take 1000/1000 is impossible, not at all! It´s possible, and how much it is! Questions are not that hard in the CCxP field, they´re a bit tricky, but, if you study well, and understand what is being asked you can do it easily! Otherwise, a guy that take a CCxP certification in 2, 3 months, that´s the one I doubt! He must be a genious, have A LOT of experience, know the stuff already, or well... you know! Any of these options would work, but only the first 3 are valid! Cheating is not cool! Not cool at all!

So, to conclude... in my opinion it doesn´t matter how old the guy is or  if he has field experience or not, if he did the right way, sweating blood, studying, missing parties, and everything like that he deserves respect! Otherwise... I would ask him 3 questions (no I´m not a genious, but most guys can´t answer really basic questions) to check his accuracy! ;)

That´s it! Any thoughts, opinions?!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Caue,
I agree with you that if someone done the CCIE regardless of the age deserves respect. Excuse my ignorance but is it really possible to pass your CCIE Lab without knowing your stuff?

Caue said...

Hey buddy! :D

Yeah... No quite that... I think it´ll be easier to win on lottery than pass the CCIE Lab without knowing the stuff!

BUT! It´s pretty possible to "braindump" it! You´ll be amazed to how many guys are promissing that! Just google it!

Is it true, the guys can have the actual lab and are seeling it?! In my opinion YES.

Have I seen one?! No! I saw their website. But not the labs.

Also, on Forums we all see guys complaining about new CCIE or CCNPs coming to work with much more $$$ and knowing nothing... imagine from where he took his certification?!

I wish, I really wish, it´s all a big lie, and those sites are fake, so CCIE doesn´t loose credibility, but... you know... when those guys come to the game, they really PLAY it!

So I may have been to keen on my post, but I was wondering to say exactly that. Brain Dumpers are not welcome to any company! Not at all!

And it´s totally possible for a 20 year old guy, really dedicated to pass the lab, age is nothing. I saw this guy on GroupStudy, I think he´s 58 years old, and passed the LAB. Dedication is the key buddy! :)

Wish you all the best, and if you want we can continue to talk here, by email ( or msn (, feel free to contact me!

Caue Wailemann

Anonymous said...

hiii .. thanks for the post :D
but i think its possible to take CCNP in 2 or 3 month or less if i'll concentrate all my time in it :D studying about 16 hrs daily :)
i have one question :
is there a required pre-requisite for CCIE ?

Caue said...

Hello my Anonymous buddy! How are you?!

I agree with you, if someone really dedicates himself to get certified he will be able to achieve it earlier than others!

Regarding the CCIE, the only pre-requisites is to been CCNA Certified, and to pass the CCIE Written to take the lab!

A REALLY difficult thing to do! :)

Caue Wailemann

berrouz said...

Hello everybody!
I have read all comments, and i got that maybe it's about me. I am 22 years old, and i am CCIE.
And i don't screem "I am CCIE !!!". Really i have 1.5 years experience from the first time when i saw Cisco router. But I am living in Kiev,Ukraine, and we didn't have a lot of projects and i decided to pass CCIE lab. It was so difficult, I had full lab with real equipment, so i could do it, why should i do nothing??? I had no work in my system integrator.... But i wanted to work and now want... my country don't give me opportunity to find satisfying position for me...Unfortunately...
and now i think about relocation to more developed country, where i could find network engineer position.
Please, advice me!!! What should i do???