Tuesday, July 8, 2008

CCIE Salary Survey (from CCIE Agent)

This is a nice email I received from mr. Emmanuel Conde (CCIE Agent), CCIE Salary survey! I must agree that the idea is great! So those of you who can, please answer it! It won´t take more than a few minutes!

Summer 2008 Salary Survey
July 2008

I have on several occasions attempted to get a true international CCIE salary survey done.  Most times I think these kinds of surveys are based on employer feedback.  So for my first international attempt I am going for the gold.  In putting together this survey I wanted to share with you the reason I think it is important.  I often state that we live in a global economy and that when thinking about your career CCIEs should consider the planet as their market.  I also feel that salaries for CCIEs should be in step with the demand for their certification number and services. Mostly I think we can do something about retention strategies and wages if we are aware of the real numbers from your peers. 

I speak with many CCIEs and they are always asking, “What does a CCIE living in _______ make”?  While I was at Networkers this past week it was normal to have someone shake hands, introduce themselves and tell me they knew me from my activities on the internet.  I would then be asked, “What does a CCIE living in ________ make”?  Well let’s all find out together!  Since I ask that question of many CCIEs as I consider them for roles with my clients I get a good feel for the wages and comp plans.  There are many CCIEs out there who are not looking for a job though. 

I ask candidates in my queue what they make and how they make it.  Seems there are a lot of different compensation plans which often blend variables like pre-sales commissions, productivity bonuses, utilization, and certification incentives.  Many CCIEs are not familiar with the cash flow beyond the base salary and annual bonus plans and turn a skeptical eye towards blended compensation plans.  This survey will cover all these types of compensation scenarios, if I get it right! (All information will remain in my possession with only the results being published not the names of the respondents.  I will not share your name and details with anyone or any organizations.  This information is being collected from you for you and will be published on my blog.)

  1. What state do you live in?
  2. Gender?  (Female/Male)
  3. How many years of experience do you have in Networking?
  4. What is your base salary?
  5. What is your bonus structure? (How much do you actually receive?)
  6. Does your company have a retention strategy for CCIEs?
  7. If yes then what are the best components of it?
  8. Do you feel CCIE wages have kept up with demand?
  9. I look forward to your response.

Eman (Emmanuel Conde)
CCIE Agent™

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