Thursday, July 31, 2008

Things are crazy down here

Man... things are "really" crazy down here! Too many projects to delivery in a short time! I´m actually working on 3 projects right now to replace old switches from customers networks by new 3750 (for Access) and 6509 (Core)!

All three projects are very similar, in fact, I finished the first one yesterday, I´ve created the scripts to be applied, the topology, and a few guidelines for the Field Engineer that´s going over there to actually "implement" the solution.

For sure, I should be prepared to support the Field Engineer for any "unknown" thing that can happen, you know... Like Murphy says, if anything can go wrong, IT WILL GO WRONG! hahahaha! But, I actually don´t believe that much on Murphy laws, so, I expect that everything goes really smoothly! ;)

Today I´ll prepare the second customer´s topology, scripts, and tomorrow the third one! That will consume all my time (including much of my "supposed" free time), so, it´s a little difficult to keep following with my Video-on-Demand regime today! Oh boy, how much I miss it! :) But I still reading my Doyle´s Book (right now almost finishing OSPF and IS-IS).

Also, my vacations are coming soon, so I´ll be able to catch everything up, but, if I really want my vacations, I need to finish everything that´s assigned to me right now! Not too much, but´s really time consuming!

If possible, and I arrive early at home tonight (yesterday I´ve arrived after 11:00pm), I´ll finish IPExpert CCIE R&S BLS Video-on-Demand Day 1! I´ll try to finish it at least by the end of the week, to not be too far from my schedule! As soons as I finish will publish my notes here in the blog!

Well... that´s it right now! Oh yes... If anybody is interested in those switch scripts I´ve created just let me know... They are not "perfect", but  an example doesn´t hurt, right?! One thing, the comments are in portuguese, but I can quickly translate them to english! Just let me know!

Up the Irons! :)

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