Friday, July 11, 2008

IPExpert Workbooks (Printed Version) just arrived!

Uuuhuuuu! This afternoon I received my Printed version of IPExpert Workbooks, all volumes! Including Proctor Guide! What a nice surprise for a friday!

I´ve been using the online PDF version, but, printed is way better! I can take it everywhere! Nice!!


My baby just born! :)


Well... I think I´ll not be able to play outside for a while now!


Oh my... too much to do in such a little time! I need 48hs days to do everything I need to do!


Workbooks Volume 1, Volume 2 and Volume 3 + Proctor Guide!


Hmmm, interesting HSRP task! lol!!!


Really! I´m impressed! Take a look on the size of the books! How much time I´ll need to learn everything that is inside?! A lot I think!

Proctor Guide depicts every single task, step-by-step, including helpfull links, tons of good advices, instructions, and more!

I got too much to do right now! Need to focus and keep on track, never giving up, only with hard work I´ll be able to achieve my primary goal!

Tonight celebrate, tomorrow, site in front of the computer and study, study, study and when I feel tired, study a while more! hahaha!

Wanna join me?! ;)

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