Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New Life, New way of Study, New Friends!

Last friday I blogged about a decision I had to made! And today (finally) I was able to make it!

Starting from now I´ll be using IPExpert´s Workbooks, Video on Demand, Audio Books, everything! It´s an exciting new path to follow towards my CCIE.

IPExpert is a Leading Company in the market, founded in 2001, with  "AMAZING" products, and now they´re also my friends, my partners,  my coachs  towards this difficult road I decided to follow! The CCIE R&S road!

I´ve just ordered their Blended Learning Solutions for the Cisco CCIE R&S, which consists in a 100GB HardDrive, with "everything" in it! It´s so cool! Nice, good looking, portable and I can plug it anywhere! Can´t wait to put my hands in this little baby!

Also according to the IPExpert Twitter, tomorrow we´ll have great news in the Newsletter! Wait and see!!!

Thank YOU all!!!

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