Thursday, July 3, 2008

IPExpert´s Atomic Bomb!!!!

WTH! Narbik Kocharians "JOIN" Forces with IPExpert?!! Khawar Butt and Netmetric Solutions also?!? Free Stuff* (* read the IPExpert Newsletter to check that) ?!?! What is going on!!!!

IPExpert just released their "so expected" Newsletter! And man! They were right... It´s way BIGGER than last week Scott Morris thing!!!!

It looks like a new version of the "Could War", but this time there are no Atomic Bombs! Well... in fact there are many Atomic Bombs, but those doesn´t hurt us (I cannot say the same about the competitors, hahaha)! 

IPExpert´s already great portfolio is becoming Bigger, Better, UNBEATABLE! That´s AWESOME! Take a look at this (took me sometime to believe in it too):


July 3, 2008

A New Way of Thinking: All CCIE Training Products FREE (Workbooks, Videos, Audio Lectures, more!)

IPexpert and Narbik Kocharians (Triple-CCIE) Join Forces

IPexpert Partners with Khawar Butt (Quad-CCIE) and Netmetric Solutions

CCIE Blog_ to Launch This Month... and We Want You to Join!

Everything IE – the Ultimate CCIE Social Community Announced

NEW Blended Learning Solution Interface ALREADY Enhanced (MUST SEE)

$100,000 Training Giveaway WINNERS Announced Here! (Watch video of the party!)

2,000 HOURS Worth of Rack Rental to be GIVEN AWAY in July!

Which Vendor has the MOST Successful Students to Its Credit?


I can´t wait to see all this stuff! EverythingIE is just a genius idea! Who needs Facebook or MySpace anymore?! Hahahahah!

Narbik! I can´t believe ! That´s so cool! :)

Oooh yeah! And not forgetting, but the Blended Learning Solution is yours for FREE if you pre-purchase a Bootcamp seat (no need to pickup a date up front)! Otherwise, if you don´t want (or is not able like me) to attend a Bootcamp, you can order just the Blended Learning Solution for $999.00 (mine is already on the way!! )! There´s no one offering this much material for this low price!

Who will win this battle?! Everybody! Due to the "Could War" between IPExpert, NMC, Internetwork Expert, and many others, pushing all of them to develop even greater material than they already have, customers will win, companies will win, we all win! As I stated before, competition is good, even more if it´s practice with ethics (no copycats allowed!!!!!) !!!

It´s all up to us on how to follow this path, choose the  vendor that pleases you the most, army yourself with the best Workbooks, Bootcamps, Solutions and start sweating!  I´ve already chosen mine, do I need to say anything else?! ;)

OH! Don´t forget to check the video of IPExpert´s Party! You MUST see that girl over there!!!!

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