Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Proctor Labs R&S eBook first thoughts and interesting Frame-Relay task

This morning I was checking the Proctor Labs R&S eBook, from IPExpert... very nice. I was just taking a quick look to check it, to see how it´s organized, not with the intention of performing the full-scale lab right now!

Solutions guide (ok, I´m not supposed to, but I just  "had" to take a  look inside, just to check how it looks like, and I only saw the very first tasks, I swear!!!). I really liked the way the tasks were depicted over there, it looks like the guy who wrote it is "talking to you", very, very nice way to do it! :)

Regarding the frame-relay tasks (the ones that I saw), it gives you commands, including outputs and what to check in it! Also, it shows how to approach the task, with very informative explanations in each section!

One of the tasks in particular "called" my attention...:

2.2 Frame-Relay full status updates should take place every 10 seconds.

Hmmm... interesting! Tricky one... By default a full status update in Frame-Relay is done every 6th Keepalive!

Also, we know that Keepalives in Frame-Relay (by default) are set to 10 seconds! So, how can we achieve the goal in this task?! Simple, just setting the "full status pooling interval" to be 1! That means, Full Status Update will be done every Keepalive exchange (10 seconds!).

The command achieve this task´s request is:

frame-relay lmi-n391dte <keep-exchanges>, where the <keep-exchanges> means the number of times Keepalives needs to be exchange before the Full Status Update! For this specific task we used the command: frame-relay lmi-n391dte 1

More information about this can be found at the DocCD:

I haven´t read the full workbook, or even tried it in real equipments yet, but I´m very happy with what I´ve saw so far! :D

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