Monday, July 7, 2008

My CCIE R&S Blended Learning Solutions just Arrived!!!!

This afternoon, at exactly 05:36pm GMT, my CCIE R&S Blended Learning Solutions arrived! Uhuuu! :) Too bad I was on a meeting with my boss, really curious to take a look inside, but I wasn´t able, so I kind of was staring the Fedex package for 2h!!!! Can you believe that?! Me neither!


Fedex Package that entertained for a couple hours!!!


Ahhh! Finally! The CCIE R&S Blended Learning Solutions Box!!!! What´s inside!??!  (Like I didn´t knew, right!) ;)


Ohhh! Looks like Christmass Morning! A tear just dropped from my eye! hahaha! 


The nice Hard Drive with all info I need to take (and pass) the CCIE Lab!


The "full" Box Contents!


And finally! Plugged in my Dell Laptop!

Truly man! I haven´t had the time to check it yet, but I´ll do it  this night (I have a customer to visit right now, and really in the morning, like 3:00am, I´ll take a look at the contents!), I can´t wait to that! Oh my! I think my wife will sleep alone tonight! hahahah! :)

Ok, ok! I took a really quick look, and it seens AMAZING! Check this pic from the VoD:

BLS Screen

It takes almost my FULL Screen! Don´t believe?! Check this photo I took:


So sweet!!! So crystal! So informative! Can´t wait to check all the stuff inside! Priceless!!!! Oh my... I think this will be a looong night!

Tomorrow will talk a little about the contents! But believe me! It´s amazing to see it in 720p! I´m so happy! So excited! I feel like a child with a new toy right now!!!


dsobrinho said...

Congratulations my old friend...
The equipment is really amazing.
One day I arrive there.

Good luck for you.
Daniel Sobrinho:.

Nickelby said...

Hehehe I just bought the BLS yesterday and after seeing your blog, I must say dude you are making me waiting even more impatiently for my package to arrive! Good luck in your studies bro! :)

Caue said...

Hahaha! Hey buddy! It looks much better when you hold it in your hands! :)

I must say, it´s AMAZING! My wife is a bit jealous about it, because I´ve spent most of my night with the BLS instead of her! Oh my God! Lol!

But trully, I´m sure you´ll love it! I´ll post some screens and comments this afternoon!

You´re going for CCIE R&S right?! Let me know if I can assist you in any way!

Cheers man!

Caue said...

Hey Daniel! Tks!

You can do it also! Just give away your personal life and you´re in! Hahahah! :)

Trully! If u want let me know, I can assist you in your first steps, after that I don´t know, because I still there also! ;)