Monday, July 7, 2008

IPExpert Workbook 1 - Section 1: General Lab Setup


About the Lab:

Very good lab to get things started! It seens easy, but it´s kind of a "warm-up" lab! Tasks are straight-forward, but there are some "hidden" issues you need to figure out to accomplish the task!

VTP, VLANs, Trunks, IP Addressing (lost too many time double checking every single IP while configuring) at the beginning!

There´s a nice advice at Proctor Guide about Frame-Relay Inverse-ARP, and how to handle it in the real lab!

Another interesting point were some outputs from debug ip packet command, and how to interprete those!

I tried not to look at the answer in Proctor Guide, but it was impossible for one of the questions, Task 1.6 ! Tell me, how can I configure a password like: ip?expert ?!?!? As soon as I type the ? the router was giving me the help! So this one I had to look at the answer! And it´s pretty simple! Just type <ctrl-v> before the ? and everything will work fine! The command would look like: password ip<ctrl-v>?expert .

I´ve also found a nice task regarding CDP, but this I was able to find it in the DocCD!

Final considerations:

There´s a HUGE difference between IPExpert Workbook Volume I and other technology workbooks out there! They create a full scenario to show how things apply all togheter, and not a command oriented task-by-task! I loved that approach!

Also, Proctor Guide has many tips, information, links (that actually work when you click in it), ALOT of stuff in there! A MUST have tool for any serious CCIE Candidate!

The lab itself were easy, but the tips in Proctor Guide are valuable! Task 1.6 (the one with question mark), that one I would not be able to complete in the real lab if I haven´t checked it here!

Things that I need to improve myself after this Lab:

  1. Still need to understand better what the task is REALLY asking  for instead of guessing it!

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