Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Study Strategy and Schedule Follow up

It´s time to do a little follow up on my schedule... After watching a few Videos from IPExpert CCIE R&S Blended Learning Solutions  I decided to change my strategy just a bit!

This new strategy includes checking the DocCD for each and every task in the workbooks, even the ones that I know!

Man... I must say... it´s really tough! It takes much longer than what I was expecting! So, instead of jumping in the rack I´m trying to solve the problems in the Notepad, and just after that, I rent a Rack!

It´s not the best approach for the Workbook Volume 2, but seens fair enough for me for the Workbook Volume 1 - Technology Labs! I´ll try a couple labs using this strategy, and decide if I´ll keep following this way or not!

One thing for sure, the experience I´ll get on DocCD will be priceless! This is a vital part of the CCIE preparation!

This is going to delay my schedule at first, but I think I´ll be able to catch it up, and stay on my goal to finish IPExpert Workbook Volume 1 + Video on Demand until September 29! My time to find answers in DocCD will increase with practice, and that should speed up the thinks a little bit before this date!

Well... time to study a while now! ;)

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