Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Frame-Relay Video on Demand (BLS)

This afternoon I was entertaining  myself with the Frame-Relay Video-on-Demand from IPExpert´s CCIE R&S Blended Learning Solutions!

A LOT of cool stuff in there! I´ll try to simulate a few things on Dynamips tomorrow, if possible, to demonstrate it better!

Couple things I know for sure after watching those videosFrame-Relay Multilink and PPP over Frame-Relay are in fact very easy to configure. You just have to do it with attention and nothing will go wrong.

Another interesting one:

Frame-Relay Multilink: Used to bundle interfaces together.

PPP over Frame-Relay: Used to bundle PVCs together.

One more  thing that I didn´t knew (at least, I´ve never saw it that way)  about Frame-Relay: We can have Frame-Relay configurations in the  Physical Interface,  Point-to-Point,  Multipoint and PPP over Frame-Relay all in only one interface, no problems at all! You just have to configure the other side of the PVC accordingly and that´s it! We may have this type of scenario in the real lab!

Talking about the Lab, there are many good tips and advices about the exam itself, find here just a few:

If the lab is asking to configure several different PVCs, each with it´s own subnet, but it has a restriction to not use any kind of subinterface, that´s a good place to use PPP over Frame-Relay (virtual-templates).

Another one is if they´re asking for authentication in the PVCs, we´re supposed to use PPPoFR, it´s the only way to perform authentication in Frame-Relay PVCs.

And a LOT more! It´s definitely a MUST HAVE material for any serious CCIE Candidate!

I´m in a little rush right now, but I´ll try to simulate some scenarios tomorrow!

Take care!

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