Tuesday, July 8, 2008

CCIE R&S Blended Learning Solutions - First Impressions

I´ve spent most of the day (it´s my day off  before anybody asks!) playing with my new CCIE R&S Blended Learning Solutions, getting used to it, LOVING IT! :)

I can honestly say that this was one of the best choices I´ve made in my CCIE strategy! As far as I´m in Brazil, it´s a bit difficult to attend any live classes, bootcamps, or any kind of "presencial" class far from here... I must stick to recorded videos, recorded classes, MP3, and so on!

There are no Technology Focused classes here in Brazil (not that I know so far), and about the Bootcamps?! Ah... the Bootcamps! You might be asking... But you don´t have "any" CCIE Bootcamps in Brazil?! Yes we do... but one week of bootcamp here usually gives you two (yeah... you read right) 2 Labs, with some (poor) explanations on the last day... nothing compared to IPExpert´s Bootcamp, Narbik Kocharians and others!

So I must focus on Lectures on Demand! And that´s were IPExpert comes to save the day! The CCIE R&S Blended Learning Solutions is nothing less than AMAZING! Everything in one place! A small, good looking Hard Drives carrying all the info, Videos on DemandAudios Classes (in MP3 format, so I can load in my iPod Clone, hahaha), Lab Walkthroughs, and tons of information!

Video on Demand quality is "IMPRESSIVE", 720p, with a screen that almost take my full monitor, high quality, full motion recorded classes! Not Power Point presentations, one after another, no! You get to see the instructor, by the way, Scott Morris, most of the time!

I´ve put together some pictures I took from the CCIE R&S BLS, so you can envy mine and run to get yours ASAP! hahahaha! :)

BLS - Start 

This is the main Screen, everything just a click away from you!

BLS8 Video on Demand Classes, for those of you wondering what´s inside, here follows the contents:

R&S Video on Demand Day 1

  • CCIE Tips and Strategy
  • Frame Relay
  • Frame Relay - Exercises
  • PPP
  • PPP - Exercises
  • Bridging
  • Bridging - Exercises
  • Switching
  • Switching - Exercises
  • L2 Tunnels
  • Security
  • WCCP

R&S Video on Demand Day 2

  • General Routing
  • General Routing - Exercises
  • OSPF Part 1: Peering Basics
  • OSPF Part 2: Area Types
  • OSPF Part 3: Virtual Links
  • OSPF Part 4: Misc Features
  • OSPF Part 4: Misc Features - Exercises
  • RIP
  • RIP - Exercises
  • EIGRP - Exercises

R&S Video on Demand Day 3

  • BGP Part 1: Peering Basics
  • BGP Part 2: Decisions and Manipulations
  • BGP Part 2: Exercises
  • Redistribution
  • Redistribution - Exercises

R&S Video on Demand Day 4

  • Access Control Lists
  • Access Control Lists - Exercises
  • L3 Tunnels
  • L3 Tunnels - Exercises
  • Multicast Part 1: Multicast Operations
  • Multicast Part 2: Multicast Miscellany
  • Multicast Part 2: Exercises

R&S Video on Demand Day 5

  • QoS Part 1: Markings and Queuing
  • QoS Part 2: Policing and Shaping
  • QoS Part 3: MQC Configurations
  • QoS Part 4: Control Plane Policing
  • QoS Part 5: Catalyst QoS
  • IPv6
  • TCL
  • IOS Services


Audio Class in action! And I can carry it in my MP3 Player!


Slide from CCIE Tips and Strategy.


Example slide from Frame Relay - Exercises.


  Another Slide from Frame-Relay Exercises.


Frame-Relay - Exercises in action (showing why, and how to achieve each task!)


Scott Morris will teach you in depth every topic, shortcut, cool way of doing things!

So, IMHO, the CCIE R&S Blended Learning Solutions worth every penny! It includes the Workbooks, Video on Demand, Audios Classes, everything you may need into your "self study" way to the CCIE! You´l not find all that for the price that IPExpert is offering:  US$ 999.00 + shipping!

Oh yeah... if you buy a Bootcamp from IPExpert you get the CCIE R&S Blended Learning Solutions for FREE! (Yep, not a typo! That´s exactly what you´re reading!).

I´m extremelly Happy and Excited!!! Really, I´m feeling like a kid with a new toy right now! :)


IPexpert Training Advisors said...

I bet you are happy with your purchase! Looks good! Let me know if there is anything I can do for you Caue!

Caue said...

Buddy! For sure I´m VERY HAPPY!!!

Material is AWESOME, the Video on Demand, is "State-of-Art"!

Also the Audio Class, that I can listen to in my daily "travel" to work is amazing!

I just have to thank you and IPExpert for all this! The support you gave me from the beginning until now is simple the BEST! For sure it´s making the difference in my studies, and a much less painful
way to the CCIE Lab Exam!

I´m very excited right now! I´ll enjoy my afternoon (holiday here today) watching the Frame-Relay classes!


jorge said...

HI friend ,i me too in Brazil , did you have problens with receita federal when you buy ?

Thanks .

Caue said...

Hello Jorge!

Drop me an email at: cauefw@gmail.com (it can be in portuguese, ok?!) and we can talk better about that!

Or if you preffer contact mr. Mike Down at IPExpert (this one in english): mdown@ipexpert.com explain the situation to him and I´m sure he will figure something out!

I can only say, it´s an AMAZING product!