Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A "typical" day in my life

05:15am - Wake up.

05:20am - Take a Shower.

05:30am - Dress-up, get ready to work.

05:35am - Say hello to my cats! Wife still sleeping.

05:50am - Take the bus to the subway.

06:15am - Take the subway to come to work, during the travel, I usually read a book (right now I´m reading Doyle´s OSPF and ISIS book).

07:05am - Stop at Coffee Shop, get something to eat.

07:20am - Seat in front of my computer and quick lookup my emails, to discover what is waiting for me today, normally a new problem at any of our customer´s network. Why all kind of strange things happens at night?! Go figure! :)

07:30am - Find something usefull  in the DocCD and read it! Yesterday I finished reading through IRB.

08:00am - Start working, and quickly answer to all my emails.

08:30am - Call to my wife, check if everything is ok!

08:40am - Call to the customer and check the status of it´s network issue, and  gather more data about it.

09:30am - Work a solution for the problem.

11:30am - Everything is fine. No more issues so far, so back to the Doyle´s Book.

12:45pm - Receive a call, to check a new issue at another network.

01:00pm - Call customer, gather more data, and start all over again! :)

02:30pm - Everything is ok, so quickly go downstairs to lunch.

03:00pm - Back from lunch, still having 30min so, mine the DocCD for more documents to read at night.

03:30pm - Check my emails, no nothing new so far. Check the internet, blogs, everything CCIE related.

03:45pm - A buddy call me asking for help to handle a switch that is not syncronizing the configuration between the supervisors.

04:05pm - Everything is ok with the switch, just a config register problem, no big deal.

04:10pm - Check emails, answer them.

04:30pm - Emails answered, back to Doyle´s book.

05:00pm - Check emails, nothing new! Time to go home!

05:10pm - Take the subway, continue to read Doyle´s book.

06:20pm - Take the bus back home.

06:45pm - Arrive at home, say hello to my wife, my cats! Everything is ok!

07:00pm - Take a shower, order something to eat.

07:30pm - Talk to my wife about the day.

08:00pm - Dinner time!!!!

08:30pm - Wash the dish.

08:45pm - DocCD, read the document I found earlier (03:00pm).

09:15pm - View a new module of IPExpert CCIE R&S BLS Video on Demand. Take a LOT of notes while doing that. Those videos are very nice! Seens like I´m attending a live class, with the advantage that I can go back at any time!

10:30pm - Finish, exhausted, go to bed, watch some TV, talk to my wife.

11:00pm - Sleep, to begin everything again the next day!

Well... that covers pretty much it, off course, each day is different from the other, but that´s how I normally handle my days! Weekends are a different story, but, leave that for latter!


The Ferret said...

You are lucky you can get so much reading done in a day. What other books have you read so far?

Caue said...
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Caue said...

I wish I had more time to read! This is not everyday, somedays here at work are crazy and I can´t even open the book... But I try to use any free time to do read!

So far I went through TCP/IP Vol. 1, and now the Doyle OSPF-ISIS.

Also read like 40% of troubleshooting routing protocols, and I do have much more books to read! hahaha! Oh yeah! Plus DocCD stuff!

How about yourself man?!


Venkat praneeth said...

Hey caue you are really fortunate to have a 9 to 5 job....Dont you think network engineers work round the clock to resolve network issues. Actually i have just started to work as a network engineer and what i find is we need to work at irregular timings if something goes bad in the middle of the night..just imagine you have some plans with on friday evening after your work and something goes wrong when you are leaving....forget it

Do you really think our job is better compared to other engineers or is it the other way around where other jobs has better work life balance.......

ps: You might say it depends on what you are interested in and i am really interested in networking but only issue is i felt that we need to be always prepared to work even in the middle of night if something goes wrong......might be a premature statement but i am new to this field....hope experienced folks give their opinion on my thoughts......