Wednesday, September 24, 2008

He´s back ladies and gentleman!

Our friend, Mr. Mike Down, is back with his new blog I Don't Wanna Be a CCIE! Most of you had the chance to speak with him before, some of you don´t, but know that: HE´S THE MAN!

As usual he knows what he´s talking about, and how to do it!

I would follow his posts closely, as he knows everything inside out from the "backstages" of the CCIE and the CCIE Training World! And that´s cool!

Brother, welcome back, and count with me for anything you ever need! I´m here, no matter where you are, or to who you work, I´m your fan! ;)


Nickelby said...

We should have a Mike Down fan club and see how many hits we got! :-)

Caue said...

Hahahha! Nice one buddy!

I would check it daily! :)

How is everything up there with you man?! By the way, nice photos!

Caue Wailemann