Sunday, September 21, 2008

September edition of the CCIE Flyer just released!

The wonderful CCIE Flyer from Emmanuel Conde (CCIE Agent) was just released!

Man, I must say, they know what they´re talking about! I almost cried reading the article "Build a CCIE Workshop" from Emmanuel, I must agree with him that everything in there is TRUE!

Also, mr. Scott Morris wrote a fantastic article called "CCIE Training - First Day Preparations", a must read!

Plus many others! You must check it out! I just finished reading through everything, and I loved! Well... who will expect less than a AWESOME job from Emmanuel, right?! Emam, YOU´RE THE MAN!

-- Click here to be redirected to the  CCIE Flyer --


Anonymous said...

I must tell you that I really love doing these and October's issue is going to be a bigger release. I had no idea that the popularity of this on-line glossy would grow like this. I am humbled by your compliments and remain amazed by my adventure.


Caue said...

Hi Eman! How are you buddy?!

No demagogy, CCIE Flyer is great! The idea behind it is AWESOME, and it must be spread all around the world so guys like me, CCIE Candidates can see how the REAL world is!

My compliments to you, your team, and everybody working on it!

By the way, I cant believe too about the visibility in the internet, man, Im just one guy, never worked with sites/blogs before, this is really nice, too many nice guys out there trying to reach you, new friends, thats so cool! Im loving it as much as you are!

All the best! (too all of us).

Caue Wailemann