Thursday, June 26, 2008

CCIE Routing and Switching Practice Labs (Digital Short Cut) - Part II

Well... yesterday I bought and just took a quick look into the new CCIE Routing and Switching Practice Labs (Digital Short Cut) book ($79.99) from Cisco Press!

It is true... I just took a really "quick" look at it, I thought that the section Ask the Proctor just had 8 or 9 questions, but in fact it doesn´t, it has 8 or 9 Q&A for each section.  It´s kind of cool to read this, the answers to the questions are nice, and I think it´s just like in a real lab situation, does anybody that already took the Lab can confirm it?! :)

Both Labs  have 7 Sections, Lan Switching, IPv4 IGP, BGP, IPv6, QoS, Security and Multicast. It´s pretty well organized, each section contains the points you should earn if you complete the task correctly, just like any other Workbook we see out there.

Lab Debrief Section  has more than 80 pages with detailed solutions for each task, with comments, correct configurations, commands used the check it, everything needed to verify your work. A really good material. At least, I liked!

Is it a worth buy?! Well... in my opinion YES, Martin J. Duggan did a very nice job,  it seens to be a really good book, and it has the big advantage of being Cisco Official! Off course, with only does two labs no one will be ready to take the real one, but we can think of it as a final preparation tool (unfortunatelly, this is too far away from me now), just as the CCIE R&S Assessor Labs!

Also... check my last post about this subject, and register a book you own at Cisco Press to receive a 35% coupon discount! ;)

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