Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Scott Morris Leaves IPExpert

Scott Morris leaves IPExpert after five years of relationship. Here follows the official letter from Wayne Lawson (Founder & President of IPExpert) about it:


Wayne Lawson’s Statement on the Departure of Scott Morris from IPexpert

Over the past five years, since Scott Morris joined IPexpert, we have worked together towards a common goal of making IPexpert the world's best CCIE training organization. In this time, the company has faced many successes and challenges in our journey to stay at the top of our game.

Growing from a team of just three, a short time ago, to our staff of near 20 today illustrates the continued evolution of our business model. One effect of adding new employees to a team is that their contributions and effort draw comparisons to those already on board. As we have continued to add new faces to our group of instructors, the individual roles have evolved for each of them, based on various criteria.

In order to ensure that IPexpert's business goals, product objectives and growth strategies continue to be realized, I felt that it was time for IPexpert and Scott to move in different directions. In our early years, it was easy to roll with issues that may arise during the course of business. Today, I bear the responsibility of ensuring the success of IPexpert for the benefit of a full staff and their families. My decisions, however difficult, must be governed by this broader interest and that of the customers we serve.

To be clear, I sincerely appreciate the contributions Scott has made with our company and, in the bigger picture, the CCIE community. We are all better for it, without question. I am confident that, as one of the most recognized network engineers around, Scott will find great success along the next path in his career.

Moving forward, I can guarantee that the IPexpert team will continue to develop, innovate and deliver the best possible products and courses in the CCIE training space. We are more excited than ever about the new product line recently announced for the R&S, Voice, Security and Service Provider tracks.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments about this announcement, I welcome you to contact me directly. We appreciate your business and the opportunity to be a part of your success!

- Wayne Lawson II – Founder & President, IPexpert, Inc.

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