Friday, June 27, 2008

IPExpert response after Scott Morris move to Internetwork Expert?!

Take a look on what I´ve found while "surfing" the internet:


You can check it by yourself at IPExpert Twitter, it seens that they´re working fast in a response! Good! As I said in my earlier post, competition is one of the best things in the industry! Keeps everybody motivated!

Well... I think we´ll have to wait till monday to see what is going to be the big surprise! :)

In the mean time I´ll take the weekend off to make some decisions that will affect my studies, and my life directly... I just wonder why it has to be so hard ?! :( and no... I´m not giving up if that´s what you thought! hahaha!


Anonymous said...

I know what I would do! :)

Caue said...
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Caue said...

Hello dear Anonymous! How are you?!

May I know what would you do?!

Just got one of those weekends to forget about!!!! :(

Wish to get back to work tomorrow! :)