Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Live after a Hard Drive crash

Well... I haven´t blogged anything for a while now... Few weeks ago, while surfing on the internet, I got the "Blue Screen of Death", yeah! That´s it! Tried to reset my computer, but I lost my hard drive, and off course, many info in it also!

Well, am I a stupid for not doing a backup?! Yes I am... but I did had some files backed-up, others not, and it took me a while to finish putting everything togheter!

Now everything is fine, with my new Hard Drive, also I bought an external drive (USB) and Acronis Home Edition. I learned the hard way, those things just happens! But not to me, not again! :)

Well, during this time I´ve also performed many, many switch installations in a customer, and also took a few lessons from it, the greatest thing about working in field is that you´ll always learn something from the situation, or from someone else! I´ll post some tips latter on!

Also, Internetwork Expert is doing a great job in their CCIE Blog, not only with technical reviews, but they´re covering CiscoLive Networkers daily! It´s awson! I´m not able to attend it, but they´re giving us the fresh news from there! One of the greatest new (well, at least for me), is that the CCIE R&S Lab is not changing, at least for now! That´s just cool!

Check their blog for fresh news, about Wireless CCIE, and others! I will!

Gotta get some work done now, I´ll try to blog a while more latter!

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