Friday, June 27, 2008

Internetwork Expert & IPExpert

This morning, while coming to work, I was thinking about all this Internetwork Expert and IPExpert thing...

Off course Scott Morris, with all his knowledge, experience and magical power, will do a great job at Internetwork Expert, helping the Brians to keep their excellent material, and making it even better!

But, what will be of IPExpert without Scott Morris?! Well... that´s something that only time will tell us, but, in my particularly opinion, IPExpert will keep the excellent level of their materials, making their products even more better than they already are now!

Why you think of that you might be asking me... My answer is simple... Scott Morris weren´t alone at IPExpert, they do have other very knowledge engineers who were working togheter with Scott to set all their material, workbooks, audio classes, everything! I´m pretty sure those guys learned "alot" with Scott, but Scott also learned "alot" while working with those guys! Everyone always have something to teach us! Will IPExpert miss Scott?! Off course they will! He´s great! But life moves on, and that will give the oportunitty of, for example, Jared Scrivener be the next Scott Morris! This is a great thing!

In fact, there´s no magical workbook, or instructor that will make you take the test and pass only by itself! We all in this lonely road need to dedicate ourselfs, doing whatever it takes to study, at least for a few hours, every single day, it´s hard, but the "happy" end it´s even more nice!!! So doesn´t matter which vendor you use, just use it the right way, and things should be ok by the end!

I really wish that the competition between Internetwork Expert X IPExpert (not forgetting about NMC, Narbik Kocharians, etc) keeps going for a loooooooooooong time, that´s good for the companies (pushs them to create even more great material), and for the customers (who will enjoy the great material with fair prices). Competition is a good thing, always!

All the best to Internetwork Expert, IPExpert, NMC, Narbik Kocharians, and everyone who put their efforts to help us achieve our objectives!

Thank you all!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the compliment. I hope to do it justice. :)

Caue said...

You will sir! I´m sure you will! :D